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Mohi 28th October 2015 Written Update

Ayush and Anusha smiling seeing each other. Deepa asks him to make Anusha wear ring. Anusha’s friends stops the engagement and says she has some conditions that Ayush should agree. Even Deepa says some conditions for Anusha. The families laugh, and Rekha gets annoyed. Mohi looks on.

Archana lays more conditions for Ayush. Anjali and Deepa say Anusha has to take good care of Ayush. Deepa says if Anusha can’t do this, they will cancel engagement. Anusha’s friend say we agree to this. She says Ayush has to take Anusha on foreign trip in every three months. Ayush agrees that just once in a year.

Shubhangi says Anusha must Cook dinner for us. Rekha gets irked seeing situations for Anusha. Ayush and Anusha say okay and comply with all circumstances for getting engaged. They request them to obtain their engagement done. The families laugh and clap for them. Ayush promises in heart that he won’t ever Allow Anusha get tears in her eyes. He would make her put on the engagement ring. Anusha usually takes ring for Ayush to generate him dress in the ring. Anyone shower bouquets on them and smile. Mohi seems to be on sad. The ring for Ayush falls and goes to Mohi.

Mohi offers the ring to Anusha. Anusha many thanks her and can make Ayush use the ring. Absolutely everyone clap for them. Ayush and Anusha smile. Mohi will get away and cries.

Manohar and Madhur bless the pair. The elders bless them. Sharad blesses Ayush and claims bear in mind two regulations Ayush, spouse is often suitable and rule two is never to forget rule one. They smile. Rekha blesses Ayush and asks him to be profitable like Anusha soon. Ayush thanks her and suggests sure, I can get successful. Rekha states Anusha, it is possible to come back to us right after marriage, I’ll address your problems. Manohar claims see…. Madhur stops him. Manohar taunts Rekha that she does not care for Anusha’s happiness, but is worried for her challenges. Swati states don’t be concerned Rekha ji, I will care for Anusha.

Kaki asks Rekha to check with Anusha. She asks Anusha will she be capable to stay pleased with them. Anusha appears to be like at Ayush and smiles. She asks Manohar and Madhur to come back in phase. She requires Mohi on stage as well. She states mom, I m heading Within this major spouse and children, I don’t think I can have any challenge below. I will keep satisfied below. Ayush and his spouse and children smile. Anusha retains Ayush’s hand.

Ayush asks Mohi will her father accept her, he will never accept you, maybe his marriage was done with your mum forcibly, why do you want to snatch his happiness like you snatched mine.

Written Update By Amir K


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