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Mohi 24th December 2015 Written Update

Mohi taking Anusha to the room. She helps her in removing her maang tika. She pacifies Anusha. Anusha says the people here are really good and she will try to keep them happy. Mohi asks her to rest now. Shanta and Satish play. Satish asks her why did she waste this shocking news. She says its fun if we tell this news on right time, poison should be given and person should be left to die. She says you will also learn this games slowly. She says my son was sent to jail, like I cried for him, same way I want to see Ayush. Whenever he sees Mohi and Anusha crying, he will cry. Satish says great.

She says Mohi does not know we know this truth, we have to use this, she made me apologize when I came here, I did not forget, now see she will apologize to me every day. Satish asks what is your next plan. Shanta asks him to wait, its satyanarayana puja tomorrow, you will know my plan tomorrow, you can see everything. They smile.

Mohi sleeps on the ground. Anusha asks her to come on the bed. Mohi says she is habitual as she used to sleep on ground in village. Anusha talks to her. Mohi says the family here has kept me with love and cries. Anusha looks on.

Its morning, Rekha gets ready to go for the puja. She says I have to bear them today. She gets a blank call. The call comes again. Rekha answers and says this is disgusting to get blank calls. Satish says Shanta is making him do this and calls Shanta to ask why is she making him do blank calls. She says she wants to make Rekha angry and use on our side. She says we will make her tackle the Gokhales, she will want to know who is trying to tell her something, Rekha will herself find that person.

Anusha greets All people and suggests she listened to Kaki is unwell, so she has arrive at satisfy him. Kaki and Swati smile and say its fantastic, its just by chilly temperature and tiredness. She asks does she feel great below. Anusha nods. Deepa states I called beautician, they will make Anusha Completely ready to be a bride. Satyakam and Mahua arrive at Ayush’s house and they are happy to achieve Mohi. Satyakam asks The person whats taking place in this article. The man suggests its relationship purpose. Satyakam asks him to inform Mohi that a lot of people arrived to fulfill Mohi from village. Mahua suggests its substantial dwelling. They Fortunately hold out.

The person goes to inform about Mohi’s loved ones and nobody understands him. everyone is chaotic. The man claims I will go, whats the need for me to get Mohi. Mohi comes there and asks what operate he has. He states I m heading, Did you know Mohi, explain to her that two persons are expecting her outside the house, They appear villagers. She gets happy and suggests Maai and Baba. She runs out and smiles seeing them. She shouts Maai. Mahua and Satyakam see her and obtain happy.

Mahua says she has brought this saree for her and shirt for Ayush. She asks where is your sindoor. Mohi gets tensed.

Written Update By Amena


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