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Mohi 21st December 2015 Written Update

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The Episode starts with Mohi saying I love Ayush. She cries miserably. Pandit asks Ayush to make Anusha wear the mangalsutra. Kaki, Swati and Shubhangi all ask each other for mangalsutra, and realize they did not bring it. Deepa brings the mangalsutra and says I kept this safe. They all smile. Shanta and Satish are on the way. Shanta recalls Harya’s words. Ayush makes Anusha wear the mangalsutra. Mohi cries.

He takes sindoor to put in her maang and is about to fill her maang. The pandit says now groom will fill sindoor in bride’s maang. Shanta calls out stop. Ayush stops and everyone turn to see Shanta. Shanta holds Mohi’s hand and brings her inside the hall. Satish walks along them. They all get perplexed.

Satyakam and Mahua come to Ayush’s office to talk to receptionist. She is busy and asks them to sit. Satyakam asks about Ayush’s address. The lady asks who are they, they look villagers. Satyakam says Ayush came to village and he wrote an article too. She says sorry, you can’t get address, as his details are deleted from system. Shanta asks them will they do all rituals of marriage without her, its good she came on time.

Shanta says Mohi was running away, I have seen her and got her here. Shanta goes to Ayush and Anusha. Mahua says we want the address, its important, I daughter is of your age, Mohi, we came to meet her, we don’t know where she lives, so we want Ayush’s address. She cries and requests her. The lady agrees, and calls someone to give Ayush’s address urgently. She asks them to sit for 5mins, they will get address.

They get the address and thank her. They leave. Shanta asks Ayush to fill sindoor. Ayush fills sindoor in Anusha’s maang. Mohi looks on and recalls her marriage with Ayush. Ayush looks at Mohi. She cries. Ayush recalls Elesh’s words. The pandit says marriage is completed, Ayush and Anusha are husband and wife.

Ayush and Anusha take blessings from elders. Satish asks Shanta why did she not stop this marriage. Shanta says I wanted this marriage to happen, when I knew Ayush and Mohi married in Bhuvana, I wanted Ayush to marry Anusha, so that it becomes a big issue when everyone know that Ayush is living his two wives in same house. Anusha’s bidaai is done. Anusha hugs her family and cries. Mohi recalls Mahua and cries. Anusha sits in the doli. The men lift the doli and Anusha leaves with her sasural. Mohi looks on.

Anusha stumbles in her grah pravesh. Mohi holds her and steps in the house with Ayush and Anusha. Shanta asks Satish to find the punished for one guy marrying two women, and thinks its deceive.

Written Update By Amena


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