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Mohi 20th December 2015 Written Update

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The Episode starts with Rekha and Vinay doing groom welcome rituals with Ayush. Mohi gets sad. Shanta and Satish are on the way back to city from Bhuvana. She recalls Harya’s words. Ayush is taken inside the marriage hall. Shanta asks the driver to get her to Pune in 2 hours and she will pay double. She wakes up Satish and asks why is he sleeping. He asks did we reach. She says no, and asks where is the marriage going on in Pune, in which function hall?

Anusha is brought there by rituals, and a cloth is held between Ayush and Anusha. Everyone smile seeing Anusha, as she walks in with a ghunghat on her face. The cloth drops and Ayush looks at her. Music plays……….. they smile seeing each other. Shanta is restless and want to reach fast. Satish is confused about hall, and Shanta gets irritated. Satish says I m sure of that hall. Shanta asks driver to take them to that hall.

Anusha lifts the ghunghat and smiles. Mohi looks on sadly. Shanta is eager to reach. Everyone smile seeing Ayush and Anusha. Ayush and Anusha exchange garlands. Everyone clap for them. Mohi looks on and recalls her marriage. Ayush and Anusha smile. The marriage rituals start and Mohi sadly looks on. Anusha and Ayush do the rituals.

Shanta says I can’t wait, see what I do. Satish says you used sharp mind and praises her. Anusha and Ayush sit in mandap and do the rituals. Everyone smile. Archana and Anjali tie the ghatbandhan. Mohi looks on. Ayush holds Anusha’s hand and they start taking rounds, while pandit chants mantras. Everyone shower flowers on them. Mohi goes out. She cries and sits outside recalling her marriage, while Ayush and Anusha take rounds.

Mohi says she loves Ayush, its true that her love is one sided, she has to forget Ayush, she knew this would happen when she married Ayush in Bhuvana. She cries and self consoles herself to accept Ayush’s marriage. The pandit tells the every round importance. Anusha and Ayush take final round. Mohi recalls Ayush and their marriage. She shouts I love Ayush. Ayush and Anusha complete the wedding rounds. Mohi cries as its just one sided love, I love Ayush.

Ayush is about to fill sindoor in Anusha’s maang. Shanta comes there and says stop… they all turn to see her. Shanta holds Mohi’s hand and brings her to them.

Written Update By Amena


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