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Mohi 1st November 2015 Written Update

Mohi placing Bhole Baba happily. Kaki says she should have placed it in temple. Mohi says Lord gets happy where we keep by devotion, we place idol under tree in village. She does the puja and they all smile. Mohi does the rituals of the puja and does aarti. She keeps flowers near the idol, while everyone look on with equal devotion. Mohi prays for them. She says these people are very nice, keep them happy. Shubhangi asks can we have breakfast. Mohi says she has to make Prasad for Mahadev, its his favorite and puja will be incomplete without it. Swati asks what. Mohi smiles.

Anusha and Ayush argue where to go out. Ayush’s boss comes and says you are not going anywhere, do this work first. He gives the file and says till you complete this work, you won’t go anywhere. Ayush says I have written article well. His boss asks is this good, I did not read such nonsense and immature article till now, don’t know who made you reporter. Ayush gets scolded infront of Anusha.

His boss asks him about Satyakam’s story. Ayush says his laptop is not working. His boss asks is his mind also not working, did he work on Satyakam’s story, did he follow the lead that Satyakam is in Pune. Ayush says you just told me, you did not ask me to follow. His boss says what rubbish, don’t you have common sense, shall I hold your hand and make you write, Satyakam left from Pune because of irresponsible reporter like you. Anusha says you can say this politely too. Ayush says she is my fiancée, Anusha Dixit. His boss asks did this office turn into coffee shop now, better resign Ayush. He leaves. Ayush and Anusha look at each other.

Mohi presents the Prasad and says its his fav. She says she forgot something and goes. Anjali checks the Prasad and says it smells like masala milk. Shubhangi says I m very hungry, I will take it. Kaki says let Mohi come. Shubhangi says Mohi won’t say anything and drinks it. Anjali drinks and likes it. Shubhangi makes Swati and Kaki have it. They all like the taste a lot.

They all start acting light and funny. They laugh. Mohi comes there and sees them. She sees the Prasad pot empty and gets worried. She asks what did they do. Swati says it was so tasty, we finished it. Mohi apologizes to Lord and says you have to drink little. Anjali makes Mohi drink it. The landline rings.

Ayush’s manager calls Rekha and states he has insulted Ayush much that he will never neglect. She thanks him. He states no many thanks in friendship. She states she did this to help make Anusha go away Ayush. His manager suggests I will insult him much that Anusha will go away him or Ayush will depart her himself becoming ashamed. She suggests I believe in you, and ends phone. She sees Anusha’s pic and claims she is going to clear away Ayush from her daily life, she is her mum and might’t see bad going on with her.

Anusha asks Ayush not to convey just about anything, she knows he is the greatest, and does not care what Other individuals say. She gives him inexperienced tea. He says he isn’t going to like green tea. She claims just, you need to have this to make mood better. He smiles and says no green tea once again. She says guarantee.

Mohi states You will find a ritual remaining. They all chortle. Mohi claims all of them used to chuckle soon after performing puja. Kaki displays how you can dance. Mohi claims not that way, hold out I’ll display. She reveals them the techniques.

Some lady comes. Mohi asks her to dance and shows the steps. The lady slaps Mohi.

Written Update By Sahir


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