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Mohi 17th October 2015 Written Update

Ayush seeing Mohi crying. He goes to her and gives her kerchief. He asks her to wipe her tears with it. She looks at him and he asks why is she looking like this, she can take it. Mohi takes the kerchief and gets her nosy out. Ayush hears the sound and stops. She says you felt bad, you can take it back. He asks her to keep it with herself. She does that again.

Deepak comes to Satyakam and asks why is he packing bag. Satyakam says I want to go back, I did not find Mohi, there is no use to stay here. Deepak asks him not to worry for Jhilmil. He says he has got pamphlets and will give in newspaper. He says we will find Mohi soon, you will soon her call. Satyakam says this would be right, I can know about Mohi then and asks did Deepak mention his name. Deepak says no, I did not give name, I just wrote Baba wants to talk to you, maybe someone in her inlaws reads paper and tells her, or she reads it herself, we don’t know where fate takes us. Satyakam says yes, and gets positive.

Anusha checks Aaji’s Bp. Aaji smiles seeing her and says she is exactly like Vinay, she used to treat me in her childhood while playing, and now she is treating me. She says Anusha has become a very good doctor now. Anusha gets glad and says she wants to tell her BP is very low, she needs strict bed rest, she will take care of her. Vinay and Aaji smile. Anusha says she likes to have kheer made by Aaji. Vinay says she added dates in it. Anusha says she remembers. She asks Aaji to shift permanently here.

Satyakam waits in the home. The man delivers the pamphlets. Deepak displays it to Satyakam and states he will put in newspapers. Kaki and Manohar have an argument and he or she restrictions his food stuff. Mohi would not begin to see the newspaper and cleans the home. She then takes the paper and pamphlet falls down. She provides the paper to Manohar.

Anusha talks to Ayush and says how am i able to skip you. He states your Aaji would be incredibly content. She claims Indeed, we all have to keep her content. He states he is declaring about himself, as she has preferred one particular and only Ayush. She states I don’t understand how to let you know, Aaji is upset being aware of about you, she isn’t going to like you. Ayush gets tensed and asks really. Anusha pulls his leg they usually smile.

Anusha praises Ayush and he gets glad. He talks intimate and she or he smiles. Mohi cleans the ground and would not see pamphlet. Mohi talks to Manohar and Kaki. Manohar teases Mohi and winks Kaki. He asks her to clean the floor perfectly. Kaki asks why is he following her. He states she was cleaning floor and asking me regarding the dust. He asks Mohi to have sweeper and function. He reveals her the dusty floor and would make her thoroughly clean. Ayush will come house and sees Mohi working. He goes Workplace. Manohar teases Mohi creating her sweep property two times. She sees the paper and goes to determine. She receives stunned observing Satyakam’s concept for her with Deepak’s name.

Mohi phone calls on Deepak’s quantity. Satyakam solutions the call. She hears him and does not converse.

Written Update By Sahir


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