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Mohi 16th October 2015 Written Update

Mohi asking Deepa where is she going. Deepa thinks where will she go in anger. Ayush comes there and Mohi goes. Ayush tells Deepa that he has not come to stop her, he will always support her. He leaves. Deepa shuts the door and cries. Anusha talks to Archana and Rekha. Rekha asks why does Anusha like Ayush so much, when I stop her. Anusha tells good qualities of Ayush.

Rekha says her mum In law does not like her, she did not find any good quality in her. Archana says there is nothing like that, my mum loves Rekha as she loves me and Vinay. Vinay brings his mum home. His mum Aaji smiles. Kaki brings tea for Shubhangi. Shubhangi gets sad and says Deepa will not forgive her. She says I have tried explaining Deepa before. Kaki cries.

Shubhangi tells how she has reacted angrily once and house was breaking, then Kaki managed her, and then she has broken oil bottle and oil fell on the floor. She says she has no annoyance with Deepa. Aaji wishes happy birthday to Archana. Rekha greets her and acts rude to her. Anusha asks Aaji about her knee pain. Rekha says I hope AC car was good. Aaji says yes, but I had some pain seeing there was no Lord idol in the big car. Rekha argues with Aaji having different mindset. She asks Archana to show room to Aaji.

Kaki pacifies Deepa and asks her never to argue with everyone. Mohi comes to them and talks to Deepa. Deepa asks her not to convey ample, as she won’t know the make a difference. Mohi however tells her a couple of mum’s love and suggests how Mahua used to love her. Kaki and Deepa cry. Mohi claims I’ve remaining my mum and came listed here, now I miss her and her like. She suggests now I have an understanding of her love Once i m faraway from her.

Mohi cries and Ayush sees her. He gives her a kerchief.

Written Update By Tahir


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