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Mohi 16th December 2015 Written Update

The Episode starts with Ayush arguing with Anusha and ending the call. Rekha reacts hearing about Ayush wishing for court marriage. She fumes and says I will meet Gokhales and tell them how Ayush is talking to Anusha. Anusha stops her and says Ayush is not bad at heart, he did not hurt me, there is some reason behind this. She cries. Rekha tells Vinay that Ayush wants to do court marriage. Rekha and Vinay come to Gokhale house. Madhur shouts Ayush and calls him. Rekha says Ayush made Anusha cry, he said he wants to do court marriage. Ayush gets speechless. Madhur and Swati ask Ayush. Swati cries and asks the reason for all this.

Everyone ask Ayush. Ayush says I feel this rituals are waste, we are wasting money, time and energy. Rekha says you feel we will agree and do what you say, you just got court marriage in mind, and we will cancel all arrangements, did you think of our respect. Rekha insults them. Shanta gets angry and asks Manohar and Madhur to reply to Rekha, they are groom’s side. She argues with Rekha. Shanta insults Rekha and calls her a lady staying in chawl. Rekha gets angry. Shanta says sorry, but I won’t hear your nonsense, what right you have to insult my children, what do you think you are. Manohar and Madhur stop Shanta. Shanta asks Rekha to think about Anusha, if they refuse Anusha and stop Ayush from marrying Anusha.
Madhur stops Shanta and apologizes to Rekha. Rekha says no, I should be sorry. Vinay looks on. Rekha says today I got to know, you all act to be modern, your Mausi has shown me what you all are. Shanta insults Rekha further and they create a big scene by arguing. Everyone worry.

Mohi stops them from arguing. She says sorry to say in between, I know I have no right to say, I request you all to listen to me once. She says Shanta said Ayush is one in a million, even Rekha said the same for Anusha, why are you becoming wall when fate and Lord wants to unite them. She says is rituals necessary or marriage, tell me, we all know Ayush loves Anusha a lot. She asks them to do Ayush and Anusha’s marriage peacefully and gets emotional. They all look at her. Mohi says forgive me for saying all this. Shanta says I just want Ayush’s happiness. Rekha says I want Anusha’s happiness. Manohar says they will be happy if they stay together.

Manohar says we all are doing this for Ayush and Anusha’s happiness and tells Ayush to think of Anusha’s happiness. Ayush says I m sorry, I have no problem in marrying by all rituals and functions. Manohar says so its solved now, we will keep mehendi here tomorrow. Vinay says I will call and inform Anusha. Everyone smile. Ayush looks at Mohi.

Mohi gets the newspaper and sees Ayush’s story on Satyakam. She thinks she told Ayush not to post his story and he still published it. She reads the story and gets shocked as Ayush projected Satyakam as a hero. She smiles and gets glad.

Madhur says he wants to hug Ayush and I m feeling proud to be his father. Ayush touches his feet. Madhur hugs him.

Written Update By Amena


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