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Mohi 15th November 2015 Written Update

Mohi showing her preparations for Diwali function. Shubhangi says we always make Chole on every festive. Shubhangi asks her to visit her mum on Diwali, she can take leave for 3-4 days, they don’t mind. Mohit recalls Mahua and gets sad. Mohi says no need, it will take 2 days to visit and come. Shubhangi says fine and goes. Mohi cries and misses her family. She says how to tell mum that Ayush hates me, he is just husband for namesake, there is no relation between them.

Shanta sees Gokhale family pic and smiles. She says Sharad and Ayush have come in her words, and she played the paper game, by stealing imp papers, but Mohi was not scolded, she was awarded by Manohar, I will not leave Manohar, for what he did with my son.

Manohar and his wife talk about Shanta’s son Mahesh, who cheated people by fake chit fund company. Kaki says I feel Shanta did not forget this and is looking for some reason to tackle us. Manohar says no, she is making relations better with us, police arrested Mahesh and Shanta asked me to free him, how can I help Mahesh. Kaki says Shanta begged you to free him. Manohar says yes, but how can I go against my ethics to save a criminal, Mahesh cheated people and duped them for their hardearned money, how could I lie in court, I will never do this, how would I answer myself. He says Shanta did not see my helplessness infront of the love for her son, what I did was right. Shanta says she did not forget her son, she will ruin Manohar and his family now, Manohar can’t do anything, I will not leave anyone and ruin everyone. She crosses their pic and says she will take revenge for her son.

Rekha argues with Anusha. Aaji and Vinay look on and defend Anusha. Rekha gets annoyed and is unhappy about Ayush. She leaves. Shanta hears Mohi talking in sleep, that she can’t come infront of her mum, else her mum will catch her lie. Shanta says what is she murmuring. Mohi says I can’t come back to village. Shanta wakes her up and asks what is she saying, why can’t she go to village. Mohi gets tensed. Mohi lies to her and says I does not wish to go back to village, I like this city, so I was saying that to mum, in dream. Shanta says you are lying, you can’t hide the truth, I will find the truth. Mohi says I have work and goes.

Anusha wishes Ayush happy diwali. Ayush asks are they coming on dinner. She says it depends, if he wants to meet her or not. He says I wish to meet you. Mohi comes there and he looks at her.

Written Update By Amena


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