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Mohi 13th October 2015 Written Update

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Anusha telling Rekha about Archana’s birthday today. Rekha says oh, nice. Anusha asks Rekha to wish her. Rekha wishes Archana. They have a talk. Deepa comes to Manohar’s house and rings the bell. She thinks where is Mohi. Rekha gives money to Archana. Anusha says its boring and impersonal. She says I will buy a gift for Archana. Deepa knocks the door and calls Manohar. He says Mohi maybe in washroom. Kaki tells Deepa that they are reaching in sometime. Deepa calls out Mohi and rings the bell. Mohi is shown fallen on the ground.

Ayush comes to his boss. Dheeraj asks did Satyakam call you. Ayush says no, why would he call you. Dheeraj says my source informed Satyakam is in this city. He asks Ayush about data deleted from his laptop and Satyakam coming in this city, is this coincidence or did he work on this. Ayush says you are mistaken. Dheeraj says we will know it, I wish you are saying right, else I will write another story behind this.

The loved ones arrives residence and gets worried as Mohi is opening the door. They wonder is Mohi in danger. The neihgbor says we could contact police to interrupt the door. Ayush arrives property and states he will check out. He phone calls out Mohi plus the relatives worries. Madhur says we should always crack the door now. Ayush claims I do think we must always split back door. They all consider to achieve Mohi. Ayush breaks the doorway. The relatives will get inside of and problems. Ayush suggests we will discover her. Manohar panics. Anjali can take the kids inside.

They look for Mohi just about everywhere and won’t fantastic her. Ayush stops and sees Mohi lying on the ground behind the bed. They get stunned. The household runs to see Mohi. Swati asks Mohi to awaken. Mohi’s hand falls down. They all get shocked observing her point out.

Anusha suggests Ayush is after in 1,000,000, he will never depart me. Ayush problems looking at Mohi’s point out.

Written Update By Sahir


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