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Mohi 12th October 2015 Written Update

Mohi coming to Anusha for taking injection. She says she is not scared of injection and cries. Anusha asks her to turn that side and not be scared. Ayush asks Mohi to stop her drama and go home. Anusha and Anjali say Mohi is scared as its first time for her. Ayush says I know her well. Anjali says Mohi has run away. Mohi runs and Ayush asks people to catch her. Everyone try to stop Mohi. Mohi runs far. Jhilmil asks Satyakam to come, as he has got medicines too.

Mohi makes everyone run behind her. Anusha asks the ward boys to catch her. Mohi greets the guards and run. The guards run to catch her. She goes out where Satyakam is sitting. He turns to see and till then guards catch Mohi. They take her inside. Anusha asks them to see. Ayush scolds Mohi and she gets tensed seeing the injection. She closes her eyes and Anusha gives her the jniection. Anusha says its over, you can open your eyes. Mohi asks so soon, I did not feel pain. She laughs. Ayush stares at her. Anjali jokes on her.

Vinay will get to know this by Anusha at your house and laughs. Rekha taunts him and says these types of Silly scenario wasn’t designed right before in my hospital, Mohi insulted you, and pushed me, now made a scene with Anusha. Really quickly Mohi will create a rough predicament for Gokhales.

Shubhangi, Kaki, Manohar and everyone are heading out. Mohi asks them to get Garam Masala. Manohar states if we go away her by yourself, she’ll produce some issue all over again. Swati states I described her effectively. Manohar claims she did two blunders till now. Mohi suggests she has an answer, and this means she gained’t open doorway if any one rings doorway. She asks them to go cautiously they usually leave.

Archana provides sweets for Anusha. Anusha likes the kheer and asks why did she help it become. Archana states Aai used to make kheer on this day each and every year. Anusha asks whats Particular now. Archana claims its my birthday currently. Anusha asks truly they usually get glad. Anusha needs her content birthday. Mohi is by itself in the home. She requires apple to take in and sees fridge. She thinks to open up it and see. She knocks on it to discover and opens it. She sees lightsand cold air. She states its magical cabinet. She will get a cake and eats it. Mohi gets dizzy acquiring the plentiful cake.

Deepa relates to Satish’s household and hears audio audio. She knocks the door and waits.

Written Update By Sahir


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