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Meri Sasu Maa 9th July 2016 Written Update

The episode start with all coming home and is surprised to see open door. Babita say if we forgot to lock the door… pari sees decoration for her welcome.. she gets happy. Dadi ask who did this we all were in hospital?? Shona say we did and all welcome her.
Babita say what is your new drama? How did you got keys of house? Pari’s masi says she should be in jail!!
Maa sa say I give keys to her as she did prayer for pari. Shona welcome Pari. Everyone come inside.
Shona ask Pari if you forgave me i want to ask that if i can stay here for your takecare? Masi ask No…
Pari says what werever maasa say! Badi Bhabhi say that what is new drama going now. Maasa ask sattu.. sattu say that pari forgave her so whatever you elders decide. Dadi ask Maasa and maasa say yes.. Shona is super happy and is about to say Sattss but say sattu jija ji..
Pari’s father appreciate and leaves with masi. Shona appolozise for this.

Shona ask pari about medicine to take. Maasa ask its good and babita ask shona to go to guest room and shona ask sattu to go to guest room and he ask shona to take care of pari. And everyone leaves. Shona ask to empty cupboard sattu jija ji and he takes his clothes and leaves by saying goodnight and shona hugs pari… ( i hate this shona drama as everyone is so dumb)

Someone enters in pari room and take sattu’s pic and keep in sona’s cupboard. In morning pari goes to get ready and sees Sattu’s pic kept with shona’s clothes and she is shockingly surprised. And then thinks might be sattu ji left (such a dumb thought).. Shona knocks door and call pari for breakfast..(atleast realise shona is just acting now as she is pschycho)..

Pari ask shona if she saw sattu’s black t-shirt. Shona smartly denies and ask pari to come for breakfast. Shona goes and someone enters gueat room and pick sattu’s black t-shirt. (I hope it will be kept in shona cupboard, to create misunderstanding).

On breakfast table shona serve breakfast and sattu ask everyone to be careful and eat at own risk. As we all should not go to hospital again; Bade bhaiya says lets try and sattu eats kheer and appreciate Shona; asking for whole bowl. Shona say she made for Pari di and ask Pari to have it; pari denies and everyone feels weired and smile smrikingly evil… and pari remebers flashback of sattu’s pic found with shona clothes.

Pari diverts by saying that due to medicine i do not want to eat. Badi bhabhi say to babita now new drama is starting. Shona call di.. maasaa say she will eat afterward. Sattu say he will go and ask her. Pari is sitting frustrated and sattu ask shall I call dr. And pari shout on him. And appolozise saying that she saw sattu’s pic with shona clothes..

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Pari stops sattu and see hair on his clothes and states that its not her definately. And then she sees shona entering in sattu room with him..

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