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Meri Sasu Maa 5th July 2016 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Hospital
Pari is rushed on the stretcher, with the three bahus and maasa, distraught and aghast. the doctor doesnt allow them beyond the OT, and asks them to wait, while pari is taken inside for surgery. Sattu comes dishevelled and distraught and asks how this happened. maasa comes and says that shona hit her. he asks how did she know that pari is his wife. shona arrives there and says that she had no clue of that. he asks how did she come to know then. shona says that maasa told her. he is shocked. maasa comes and slaps her tight across her face, saying that this was the only option through which she could have stopped this madness. she says that she was scared that her madness would endanger their relationship. she says that she had thought that when she would get to

know that pari is sattu’s girlfriend, she would forget it all, and get out of their way, but she was wrong, and she turned deadly towards that girl. she asks if this is love for her, as love isnt to grab but to give, and laments that she could understand it like pari did, despite knowing that she wishes to take away her husband, and even with the dessert recipe, and the kiss. shona is shocked to hear this. sattu is tensed. maasa asks what did she do in return, and misunderstood everything about relations, that pari understands so clearly. shona is aghast to hear this, and says that she is right, but there is also another truth, that she too didnt commit to the relation, as if she had, then she wouldnt have brought pari to her like this, so that she wouldnt have been endangered, and blames her equally for this condition of pari. she says that if she is wrong then so is she too. he stops her right there, and warns her not to dare talk against maasa. he is about to slap her, when the police comes and stops him, asking him not to intervene, as pari has had a murderous attack, and they have to arrest her. despite her protests, they grab her to arrest her, while she says that she wont go, till pari has been operated. all are stunned, as they collapse, while she is taken away. maasa sinks in with the guilt feeling, crying incoherently. he comes to her, and asks her not to pay attention to the mad girl, as she isnt at fault. Pari’s father arrives too, and asks how is pari. maasa greets him, and then tells him that she is in the OT. he goes berserk, that he ahd been promised that pari shall be taken care of, then how this happened. sattu tries to justify, but maasa stops him, and apologises for her mistake. the bahus are tensed. maasa says that she is highly apologetic. he asks her to apologise to pari, who considers her more than mother, and says that if anything happens to her, then he wouldnt forgive her ever, and as for that girl, she shall definitely be punished. all are tensed.

Inside the OT, the doctors perform the surgery on pari, while she experiences convulsions and heart rate dropping, due to which they suspect internal haemorrhage, and go for extensive treatment, as the breathing goes shallow. the doctor then finally comes out, and apologises that they couldnt stop the internal bledding of the patient, due to which, she went into coma. all are stunned and shocked. they are distraught and apalled, as she is brought out on a stretcher. maasa and the father stand aghast, as the doctor asks them not to touch pari, as that might cause infection. they immediately refrain away. the doctor says that the case is critical and they have to keep her under observation. he allows one of the family members to stay back. sattu present himself, and in a stance, he asks them all to go. maasa refuses to budge. but he asks her to have faith, as he shall keep good care of pari. they are all apalled as they take maasa out. pari’s father leaves distraught too.

Later, sattu sits beside pari’s bed, and caresses her face, as tears stream down his cheeks, seeing her condition, while she lies unconscious. he sits and cries helplessly. he asks her whats the matter and why isnt she getting up. he tries to lure her through her favourite desserts and snacks, in his berserk state, but breaks down inconsolably, when she doesnt respond.

Scene 2:
Location: College
Despite her protests and vehement justifications, shona is locked up. she finds her cell phone, and calls up nikki. shona gets her friend’s call, who asks her where is she. shona says that she has been locked up. they all lament her as to how could she have done this. shona begs to be taken out first, as she wishes to meet pari. she asks where is she. before she can respond, the polcie take her phone. nikki asks him why have they arrested shona. The police tells her friend, that she has been charged with attempt to murder, and cancel the phone and seize it away. her friend, nikki tells it to others. they are boggled as to what shall happen now. they decide to go and meet her. The dean comes and says that this is her rustication letter and they can present it to shona when they meet her.

Scene 3:
Location: Maasa’s residence
Maasa returns back with the bahus, reminiscient, of pari’s words and memories. granny coems and consoles maasa, that nothing shall happen to pari, as the lord is with her, and she shall soon be fine. maasa is distressed.

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