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Meri Sasu Maa 3rd February 2016 Written Episode Update

Meri Sasu Maa

Scene 1:
Location: Maasa’s residence
Maasa sits down, saying that she wishes to make this girl her bahu, as she is just like her, and hence she likes her. Pari thanks her for the offer, but refuses saying that everytime her wish wont come along. maasa eyes her tensedly. all others are shocked. pari says that she being high caste must be wasting precious time, and she shouldnt waste her time. saying so she leaves, while all others are aghast. maasa is tensed. Her father fumbles and then apologises on her behalf. Maasa asks him not to do so, and asks him to make her understand, as she isnt in a hurry, and should deliberate and then decide. she takes their leave and then leaves the house, giving them a nice smile, and adds that she loved their family, and anyone would want to be associated with them. They both go out. she says that the printing person is coming, and should they refuse. Maasa says that her saying no doesnt mean anything, as she wants it. Chaaya asks if she would be married to sattu then. she asks how can she get sattu married to this girl, and asks whats she thinking, and adds that she has just played her bet. she then asks chaaya not to say anything to anyone, and do what she says. chaaya silently complies.

Inside, pari is angered and crying, distraughtedly, as maasa vents out her frustration tht she is rejecting offers, when its difficult for her to get married. she is determined that even if she doesnt get any relation, she would sit at home, but wait for the right person. Pari is shocked to realise that she doesnt have her chain on. Later, she wonders how to tell that her chin is lost, as she wont find it, and if she says, there would be added tension. she serves everyone tea, while masi gets someone with loads of goodies. they are boggled. masi introduces that this is pari’s would be husband. they are all aghast. Masi says that she wont get a better husband than her for pari, as he is a widower, with a young son of 12 years, as after what happened to pari, she wont be getting too many offers for marriage as it is. masi asks what more do they need. her father reprimands her as to how could she even think that pari would marry this person. She raises a hue and cry, that she is trying to do well, but noone wants to understands her. masi says that she shall have to say yes to maasa then, if she doesnt want to marry this guy. pari then apologises and tells masi that whatever loss she had to face, she would pay it, but she would never marry in maasa’s place.

Scene 2:
Location: Maasa’s residence
Maasa lights up the diya temple, and chavi joins her. she sees a wedding card and is shocked and boggled. Maasa says that she is capable of anything. she gets a call, that affirms her faith in herself, and then receives it, gloating about it, she talks to masi, as to when is the date finalised. masi says that the ill mannered girl isnt agreeing, but it would take sometime. maasa says that had she been in control this wouldnt have happnened. masi says that she shall manage. Masa asks her to hurry up then, if she wants benefits, and then cancels the call. chaaya asks what happened. maasa doesnt respond and asks her to get back to work masa says that masi is useless, but she would get pari to learn a lesson.

Later, maasa organises a press meet about what happened and how she wants to make amends for the way, her company’s milk has been in question lately. Babita fumes about her press fame, and then gets an idea, while cleaning maasa’s room but she finds all the cupboards locked. She then hears maasa making a press statement. She accidentally collides into a packet, that contain two wedding cards, saying Mastana and Satyendra are to wed Pari. Babita is amazed at her shrewdness, and then gets an idea, that she would now ruin maasa’s respect.

Scene 3:
Location: On the road
Sattu meanwhile drives on the bike, when he notices that her chain has gotten stuck in the collar of his shirt, and remembers its hers, and smiles eyeing it.

Pari is tensed on the verandah, as she wonders where her chin went, and why isnt masi realising what kind of a woman maasa is, after what she did with ankit. she gets her basket while, taking her daily veggies, from the streetvendors, and throws down her basket from the balcony. when it comes back up, she finds a note that says thank you for chocolate. she looks down boggled and amused, and finds sattu standing by the side, as a vendor. he smiles, and she is unable to stop herself from smiling. She too gives him a message in the same basket yet again, of a welcome note. She gets a message that she has forgotten something. she responds what. He then places something. She then while, taking her daily veggies, from the streetvendors, throws down her basket from the balcony, and it comes back up, she finds that chain, in a male hankey. she rushes down to meet him, and accidentally falls in his arms, as she slips, and he dives in to save her. He asks whats this stair for, and amusingly comments. she says that she used this to reach to her. She asks where he got the chain. he says that maybe when they were playing, it came on him. she asks why he didnt call her down then. he says that it isnt nice to call names of girls in the streets. she comments on his good manners, and then asks where he got it from. he places his mother all the credit. she thinks that it seems she is a goddess. he glaots and rants about his mother, while she emotionally hears intently, as he talks about her sacrifices. She comments that he is lucky, as she never had a mother like this, in her life. he motivates her and gets her out of her depression. he then drives off. she ompares his mother to maasa, oblivious that they both are the same. Later, pari is shocked as she hears the news on the Tv channels that Maasa has declared that she would withdraw all the current packets of milk, from this batch, from the market, which might cause crores of damage to the factory, but she doesnt mind . She is furthermore shocked, as maasa continues on her good self charade, as to how milk and people’s trust is good for everyone’s health. people start commenting about the noble gestures, that she is making. maasa then tells the reporters that she is thankful to the girl, who managed to salvage the respect that her company has in the market. Pari is boggled. Pari is determined that this is another one of her tactics, and that she wont be befooled so easily. The screen freezes on her face.

Precap: Maasa tells pari, as they sit in her truck, that she wants a bahu just like her, for her house, infact she wants a daughter not a daughter in law. meanwhile, pari and sattu go to the same dessert shop that they went in, after the hospital visit due to maasa and her father. Pari is shocked to know from the conversation of the shopkeeper with sattu, that maasa is his mother. Maasa comments that now the game has finally begun.

Written Update By Rimjhim


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