Meri Sasu Maa 26th July 2016 Written Update

Meri Sasu Maa 26th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Meri Sasu Maa written update

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Meri Sasu Maa 26th July 2016 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Pari’s residence
pari is tensed as her family is tensed outside. he escapes, while teasing her before going. finally, she opens the door, and gives some excuse about closing the door. they find flakes in her hair, and are tensed, but dont say anything.

Scene 2:
Location: Pari’s school
Bunty drops off his sister at the school, and then instructs her that she is being sent only because she likes to read, but she shouldnt let her dreams get bigger, as ultimately she has to get married, and handle her household chores. she complies and goes in. Later, when pari comes in the class, she finds the class decorated with sorry cards, and apologise profusely to the class, while she is overwhelmed. she asks them not to apologise, but its good that they found out, what was right, and says that she loved the surprise, and reciprocates it by producing the result. bunty passes by the class just then. pari appreciates arpita, for particularly doing very well, in her studies, and scorimng good grades. she thanks pari, but then gets tensed thinking about what her brother said. pari advises her to apply for law school, to become independant and form an own identity. he fumes hearing this. the bell goes for tiffin, and the class disperses. as all leave, bunty gets it and shuts the door. pari finds him and gets tensed. he locks the door, and then confronts her, while she is scared. she says that some mistakes were hers and some his, but the real maturity is to forget and start afresh. she says that its good he is here, as she is here to discuss about arpita. he produces her results and then comments that she knows his address. Bunty tells pari, that now they are related together, as she too has entered his room, and has begun to instigate his sister. she is boggled, and is about to scold, when he says that she needs to lower her voice, as in his house, females dont talk loud and handle the house, while the man of the house earns. she is tensed and asks whats she did. he says that he is coming to her house for tea today, and there she shall know what he means. he asks her to keep the tea strong, just like he likes his girls. she is shocked at his innuendo.

Scene 3:
Location: Pari’s residence
Later, maasa and pari make plans for going to the temple. while they are bantering, shashi comes in and taunts them sarcastically, about being lazy and indifferent to work all around. she eyes the tiffin that maasa has prepared for pari, and taunts for preparing such delicacies. she gives maasa clothes to stitch, and also asks pari to get meera from the bus stop, as she has some work and cant manage. Pari refuses that she wouldnt be able to go, as she has to go to school. shashi again taunts her for bunty. pari asks her to stop, and tries to be vocal. maasa stops her. shashi continues to reprimand, while maasa says that pari shall go, and she shall also do the work. shashi leaves. pari fumes. she then calls up the school, saying that she shall be a little late, for personal work.

Scene 3:
Location: Bunty’s residence
While bunty and his auides, casually play, arpita is all dressed and insists to go to school. he asks her to change as she wont go. arpita insists, while bunty is adamant and says that he wont allow her to go to school, and get her married soon. she pleads but he shushes her up. she leaves inside resigendly. he asks one of his aides, to stay at home with her.

Scene 4:
Location: Bus stop
Pari finds that the concerned bus has arrived, but meera isnt anywhere to be seen. pari dials up, and the phone rings. then she finds a modern girl, apple of the guys’ eyes around, she storms towards pari, as she finds her through the crowd. pari is happy to see her too. meera eyes pari and smirks, and asks whats she wearing, and comments on her old fashioned style. pari doesnt take it wrong, and is happy to see her, and asks her to come along, as everyone is eyeing her. she says that she is fantabulous, and asks why is she jealous, because she is a widow. pari is hurt. she keeps cribbing about something or the other, when her purse is snatched, and she falls on the floor. pari gets meera up. pari is about to run towards the thief, when bunty stops her, and then runs after him. he runs fast and grabs him, and having beaten him to pulp, after a fistfight, he takes the purse. then he makes the goon apologise to meera too, and hands her the purse. meera smiles at him, while he too enjoys the budding romance, while pari stands tensed and not liking it at all. meera thanks him. they openly flirt, while exchanging introductions. Pari resignedly fumes. she invites him home, while he refuses. but she insists and he takes her in his arms, when she isnt able to walk having sprained her ankle. pari gets tensed but doesnt say anything.

Scene 5:
Location: Pari’s residence
Shashi is tensed to see bunty coming in with meera, in his arms. she thanks him galore, and praises him for his help. he praises the beauty of her daughter. pari fumes. shashi invites him and serves him snacks. he readily complies. pari is sent to make tea, while she has no other option. he leeringly comments at pari, that he shall drink only when pari makes it. shashi asks pari to go, while she is shocked. in the kitchen, Arpita tells pari on the phone, as to how bunty has kept her captive in her house, and also tells her not to tell this to bunty. pari assures that she shall do something. Meanwhile bunty leaves on the pretaxt of washing hands. pari hears as to how arpita has to fill the form tomorrow. pari complies, and cancels. as she turns around, she is confronted by bunty, who stands smiling at her. she is scared wondering if he heard their talk or not. The screen freezes on her tensed face.

Precap: bunty imposes himself on pari in the kitchen, trying to get in close but she pushes him away. he smirks and is amused.

Written Update by Rimjhim

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