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Meri Awaaz Hi Pehchaan Hai 8th June 2016 Written Update

Kalyani stops Sohrab from slapping Kekti and warns that he cannot misbehave in Gaekwad house. Sohrab says he is talking to his wife and will taker home. She says he cannot touch Ketki and asks him to get out of her. Shivam comes and pushes him out. Sohrab shouts that he will destroy Kalyani and leaves. Ketki pushes Kalyani’s hand and shouts to stay away from her personal life. Meenakshi and Megha smirk seeing each other. Kalyani is shocked and walks out of house.

Kalyani walks on street reminiscing Ketki’s words. KVK passes by in car and asks if she needs taxi. She without noticing him continues walking. He asks to look at him. She sees him and asks what is he doing and continue walking. He gets out of car and starts walking with her and informs about her and Vikranth’s news on newspaper. She is shocked. He says she came far away from home without noticing and he will drop her home. She says no.. He insists and gets her in car. He stops car after some time and goes to play with children. Kalyani smils seeing his new avatar. Kids drag Kalyani to play. She and KVK clash and they fall down. She says nervously kids dragged her here. They get up and he drops her home. He then calls her from home and after a lengthy conversation says they will be recording song after 3 days.

Ketki goes to Protima’s house who informs that they will record album in 10 days and soon she will be singing sensation. Ketki informs her all the incidents happened at home and Sohrab’s drama. Protima suggests her to divorce sohrab. Sohrab comes with lawyer and starts drama that he cannot live without her and does not need divorce. Lawyer says she has to spend 6 months with Sohrab and then decide about divorce after that. Once lawyers leave, Sohrab laughs on Ketki and says he wil not get rid of golden eggs hatching hen. Protima warns him to stay away from Ketki, else she will destroy him. He laughs and asks to send his 3 cheques, else Ketki will not sing songs as he is her signing authortity even now. She calls guards, and he leaves laughing.

Precap: Protima gets Ketki’s portfolio. KVK comes to Kalyani’s house and she asks why he comes here often, if he does not have house. He says he has house but no family. Megha shows Kalyani, Ketki’s pics in news paper.

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