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Meri Awaaz Hi Pehchaan Hai 31st May 2016 Written Update

Ketki continues yelling at Kalyani. Devika stops them. Aaji comes and jokes if they are selling fish here and asks what is price of bombil. She asks if they are selecting name for Kekti’s daughter and says they should keep modern names like Madhur, Sridevi, etc. Kalyani reminisces Ketki’s insult and runs to her room. Aaji asks if Kalyani did not like names. Kalyani cries loudly in her room reminiscing Ketki’s words and says she will never go near Ketki’s child. Devika comes and Kalyani hugs her tightly and continues crying loudly.

In the morning, Kalyani heads towards KVK’s office in her car. KVK walks on street next to dirt and Kalyani’s car passes by splashing dirt on him. He shouts stop.. Driver stops car. He shouts driver if he cannot see him, his whole face is splashed with dirt. Kalyani says it is not driver’s mistake, he should not have walked near dirt. He asks her to give water at least instead of yelling. She gives water and driver drives car. KVK whistles and Kalyani hears it and thinks he is the same man.

Sohrab’s mother Nargis comes to meet Ketki. Ketki happily runs and hugs her. Nargis says she she should be careful since she is carrying and says along with child, even mother is born. She expresses her wish to perform Ketki’s goad bharai/predelivery rituals.

Kalyani reaches KVK’s office where his south Indian musician asks her sing item number. She says she will not sing item numbers in her life and KVK should have hired Ketki for item song. She angrily leaves.

Ketki meets Protima who tells her items songs will be picturized on heroines and not item girls and it will create a new history in cinema.

Devika lights lamp in the evening. Kalyani and Ketki come home. Devika says Nargis came and wants to perform Ketki’s goad bharai. Kalyani leaves for her room. Devika scolds Ketki that she cannot be out whole night and did wrong by insulting Kalyani who is worried for her as an elder sister. Ketki accepts her mistake and apologizes. Devika says she should apologize Kalyani instead. Meenakshi hears their conversation.

Precap: Kalyani shows saris and says she bought them for Kalyani’s goad bharai. Kekti shows saris and says Protima brought them for her. Meenakshi tells Megha and Shivam that they have to separate Kalyani and Ketki. Megha calls Vikranth.

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