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Meri Awaaz Hi Pehchaan Hai 30th May 2016 Written Update

Ketki gets ready for Protima’s party and tells Devika that she is going out. Ketki asks Devika to tell Ketki to drape shawl and go, else she may catch cold and it is not good for child. Ketki says she is going to someone’s house and not roaming outside. She reaches Protima’s house where Protima introduces her singer friends that Ketki is future of singing world and is very talented. One of them taunts that Ketki doe snot have class. Protima takes Ketki’s side and retaliates singer that even she did not have class and did not even know to wear sari or lipstick.

Servant brings juice and drops it on Ketki by mistake. Protima scolds servant and takes Ketki to her room and shows her many saris. Ketki asks if these are hers. Protima says when this house is hers, this room is hers, then saris are hers obviously. Ketki smiles. Protima asks her to wear one of them. Ketki comes wearing sari and Protima corrects it and gives her jewelry. They both then enjoy dinner and Protima brainwashes Ketki against Kalyani that Kalyani wants to control over everyone and is frustrated that her younger sister is already married and pregnant and has lots of work when she is unmarried and jobless. She continues brainwashing her and it gets too late. Ketki tries to leave at midnight, but Protima holds her.

Kalyani waits for Ketki whole night. Ketki reaches in the morning silently. Kalyani stops her and asks where was she whole night. Ketki starts fighting with her and says she should not bother her and why should sh etell her where she goes and what she does. Their argument starts. Kalyani says she is in her house and people will badmouth about her. Devika comes hearing their argument and asks what is happening. Kalyani says Ketki came just now and was out whole night and is arguing with her. Ketki says she had gone to Protima’s house for a party and did not realize when time flew off. Kalyani says she cannot be awake whole night as it will affect her child’s health. Ketki shouts she should not think about her child and should stay away from it. Their argument continues.

Precap: Kalyani’s driver drives car on dirt and it splashes on KVK. KVK shouts at driver. Kalyani says it is not driver’s mistake, he should not have walked close to dirt.

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