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Meri Awaaz Hi Pehchaan Hai 25th May 2016 Written Update

Sohrab tells Ketki that she cannot get rid of her as she is having his surname Mestri with her. He holds Ketki’s stomach and addresses his child that his papa loves a lot. He walks out while Devika calls him repeatedly. Ketki comes down and Devika asks what happend. Ketki hugs her and cries that she does not need child. Devika sits tensed near dining table. Kalyani comes at late night and asks why is she still awake. Devika says she was waiting for her and gives her food. She then says Kekti was telling she does not need child, she seems very distressed, she is stuck between both daughters, both are avoiding each other, younger one sleeps early to avoid elder one and elder one comes late to avoid younger one. Kalyani says she will do as she says and they will have breakfast together tomorrow.

In the morning, aaji sits for breakast. Meenakshi aand Megha come and aaji says they are enemies and are here with vested interest. Megha tells Meenakshi that their secret it out. Aaji says Devika that Meenakshi bhukkad and cannot stop eating. Shivam comes and smiles. Ketki comes down for breakfast and says aaji is right. She sits on chair and says she is very hungry. Kalyani comes down and sits in front seat. Ketki gets silent seeing her. They both just look at each other without talking. Aaji comments if they are not having breakfast as Meenakshi prepared it. Meenakshi says it is not good like Devika’s, but not bad either. Devika thinks Kalyani and Ketki are not happy seeing each other but are sitting for her mother.

Ketki calls Protima and says she wants to start recording soon. Protima says she called at a perfect time and says she needs to talk to her regarding Kalyani.

Devika plays bhajan and aaji dances. She sees Shivam sitting idle and scolds her to dance. Kalyani says she is going for important work. Shivam says he will accompany her. Aaji scolds her not to become Kalyani’s tail.

Ketki meets Protima who says Kalyani came to meet her and asked why did not she give her work and she is jealous that Ketki got work instead of her. She continues brainwashing Ketki against Kalyani.

Precap: Kalyani gets stuck in lift with same man again and light goes off. Protima suggests Ketki that she has to move out of bad relationships if she wants to move ahead in life.

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