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Meri Awaaz Hi Pehchaan Hai 20th June 2016 Written Update

Devika comes back home at night and sees no one around. She calls Kalyani, Ketki, aayi…Kalyni and Ketki enter with others singing baar baar din ye aaye…happy birthday to you… song…Devika gets happy. Maid Sangeeta gives her god’s photo and says it will keep her away from problems. Ketki and Kalyani say even they got gifts for her. Devika says she does not their gifts, she wants her daughters back and says when they are united as family, no problems will dare to touch them. Aaji joins them and says now they are family.

In the morning, Devika, Meenakshi, and Megha attend Protima’s launch party of Ketki’s album. Just 1 or 2 guests attend and 2-3 reporters. Protima asks reporters where are other reporters. They say they are attending Kalyani’s launch party and her song is so marvelous that 3 lakhs copies were sold in 2 days. She asks Ketki to start singing. Ketki says let people come. Protima insists. Ketki sings Mai saath samandar…song…

Kalyani thanks reporters for attending her launch party. Reporter asks how is she feeling after 3 lakhs copies got sold in 2 days. Kalyani says she is from a small town where people don’t dream big, she is very happy with this success and says KVK should be credited for writing this song. They ask who is KVK. She saysshe has not met him either. They insist her to sing and she sings her song.

After performance, Protima asks 2-3 remaining reporters which channel they are from. They say they are from magazine. She insults them that they are from a s small magazine and how dare they are to come here, shouts to get out. They leave commenting why did she call them then. She then shouts at Ketki that Kalyani ruined her launch party by launching her song on same day and same time and she is bearing huge losses. Music director tries to interfere, but Protima stops him and continues yelling at Ketki.

Ketki runs home and starts crying vigorously that she is a flop singer. Devika consoles her and says she is a good singer. Ketki continues that why is she blamed if nobody attended launch party. Devika continues consoling her.

In the morning, Kalyani storms into Protima’s office and Protima blames her for ruining her launch party purposefully. Kalyani says she ruined it herself and says she tried to create rift between 2 sisters in jealousy and ruined herself. Protima shouts she will destroy her. Kalyani says she sees her company falling instead.

KVK/Karan comes to Kalyani’s home and gifts aaji cold balm. Aaji likes it. Kalyani comes down fuming. KVK jokes that she should apply to keep her head cool. Aaji says she should. Devika sees Kalyani and KVK mingling well and thinks she is seeing her daughter happy after a long time.

Precap: Devika says Kalyani she looks nice with Karan. Karan cheers up Kalyani with his witty talks.

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