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Meri Awaaz Hi Pehchaan Hai 18th April 2016 Written Update

Sohrab reaches his home, gets into his room, and locks himself in. His mom asks what is heso angry, it is better he would have been in Pune. She shouts that he has given phone number to many people and she has to answer his calls, just some time ago some girl called him. He opens door and asks if Kalyani called. Mom says Ketki. He locks door again, reminisces Vikranth’s words to stop enjoying Kalyani’s hard earned money and one who does it is called pimp. He picks Kalyani’s pics and notes from his cupboard and burns them.

Kalyani practices a song sitting in balcony. Ketki silently comes and frightens her. Kalyani ges afraid and asks what is she doing. Ketki asks why is she so happy today. Kalyani says nothing. Ketki says Vikranth Khanna is handsome like a hero and their jodi is good. Kalyani says nothing like that. Ketki taunts is it. Kalyani says she spoke to Sohrab and sorted out things between them. Ketki says it is good and continues taunting her.

Kalyani and Ketki buy back Devika’s necklace from jeweler and discuss howhe was adamant and Ketki convinced him. Kalyani says this necklace means a lot to aayi and whenever baba used to see with this necklace, he used to say let us elope again and remarry. Ketki says they bought back necklace. Kalyani says they both bought it together. Mom asks why is he so sad and at home, servant got a photo in his room and asks if this is Kalyani. He says yes. She says he loves her, that is why he was asking if she called him. He says no.. She asks if he told howmuch he loves her. He says no, she thinks he is a good man and well wisher. She suggests to propose her first.

Devika is about to leave for work when Ketki asks her to give her water. Kalyani acts and asks her to take it herself. Ketki says water becomes amrith if aayi gives it. Kalyani also insists. Devika fills water from utensil and necklace falls in tumbler. She happily hugs both daughters.

Kalyani goes to Vikranth’s office and tries to sing song, but could not. Music director asks what happened. Vikranth asks if she isunable to understand lyrics. Kalyani says she understood, but thinking how to sing. He asks music director to go out with his team and asks Kalyani why she closes eyes while singing. She says to feel the lyrics. He asks her to forget words and feel the character and says his heroine is also having a lot of problems in her life and is singing for the first time, she is her heroine now and should feel it. Music director asks if they can start. Vikranth says yes and wishes Kalyani good luck. Kalyani sings song beautifully with closed eyes. Music director praises her. Kalyani gets encouraged and continues singing well.

Kalyani comes out of Vikranth’s office. Sohrab comes running and says he knew she would be here. She asks why did not he come up. He asks if Vikranth did not tell her anything. She says he told you got some important work, so you left. He says Vikranth insulted him a lot. She says there is some confusion and she will apologize on Vikranth’s behalf. He finally proposes her and says he loves her and knows she has special place for him in her heart and he wants her to tell she loves him.

Precap: Sohrab confronts Vikrant that he is trying to use Kalyani. Vikrant raises hishand. Ketki’s friend taunts her that she is waiting for her old boyfriend. Ketki says yes. Vikranth says when loves happens, it shows up.

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