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Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hi 19th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi watch online

Ranveer was about the throw the match stick. Shibham gets up at once and asks him not to burn him. Nurbhay is enraged and asks why he was doing this drama. Shibham says it was for Naina, she wanted to marry Ranveer. She wanted Ishaani to go to jail. He leaves. Naina holds Ranveer’s hand and says she is sorry, she did this all to get him. Ranveer curtly jerks her hand and says if it was really love, she could have let him go to Ishaani. Ishaani always sacrificed for him, but Naina can’t even go to Jail for him. He says he loves Ishaani and will always do.
Ishaani comes to room where Nurbhay was crying. He says his Naina, his loveable betrayed him. Ishaani says may be it is bitter for him, but his love was deep for them. Ishaani says she knew about them and thought they would change watching his love but they didn’t. She says to Nurbhay that she wants to tell him the truth about all his family. She had kept a hand on Nurbhay’s shoulder, his eyes were red.
Pratik asks Ranveer so this was the story. Ranveer says he thinks that Nurbhay’s family is also behind Pooja’s death. The car is the common factor behind it.
Ishaani says that his family hates him, they dislike it that he has a lot of money and they have to ask him the money. Nurbhay was crying, he tells her not to say this much of truth to him that he leaves his trust on humanity. He says since Pooja he has no one to trust. He tells Ishaani to go away. Ishaani says she knows he is in pain, but it was more important than this pain.
Ranveer gives the money to the workshop people. He tells Ranveer that this car came to this workshop one year ago to get the brakes failed.
Nurbhay shouts at Maa not to call him son, and shed any tear. He says that they aren’t worth thinking good for. He says they were family of Pooja so he thought of them as his own family. He loved them like younger siblings. He says it is over now, he disowns them from his house and his property. Aarti asks what he is saying, how can he do this? Nurbhay says family is made by combination of five fingers, but they all were behind cutting his roots. He says that Ishaani brought the reality to him, he got to know what they thought of him. He asks if they were ashamed of standing with him, today he is. He says he has so many reasons to disown them, if they have a single reason to stay. Uttam says he has, he wants to tell him something that is very important. He says that these mother and daughters are all wrong, he was caught in them. He has to side them helplessly. He says that his wife Pooja didn’t die in accident. Nurbhay shouts at him not to take Pooja’s name. Ranveer calls that he is saying right. He comes with Pratik and the workshop man. He says Uttam is right. Pooja didn’t die in accident but in a dangerous planning. He says this mechanic failed the brakes of his car, unfortunately Pooja drove the car that he was going to drive. Pooja died in the planning that was done to kill him. Rajeshwari, Pooja’s mother did this all. Nurbhay comes to her and asks if she? He asks if she wanted to make her daughter a widow? Only for money? Maa says yes, she did this all for money. she wanted money for Pooja, not an illiterate like him. In her educated family, he was the only illiterate; so they decided to kill him. She says she got the brakes of his car failed so that he dies and they get his property. She cries that it killed her daughter instead of him. Nurbhay says he won’t bear their presence of a single minute, and pushes Rajeshwari outside. Ritika flees as well. He asks them all to leave the house as well. They all leave the house.
Nurbhay kneels down in front of Ranveer and asks him to forgive him. he says he was mistaken thinking of him as Pooja’s killer. He took his revenge from Ishaani. Someone crazy in love can never see the truth. He says Ishaani brought one truth to him, and Ranveer brought another. He says he loved truly but lost it. He gives Ishaani’s hand in Ranveer and tells him not to get away from each other, may be his wife gets happy with this. Ranveer and Ishaani hug each other.

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  1. it is stupid serial in world no-1………..the Ektamam is think that viewers of meri aashique tumse hi are show of begining

    there is no Nurbehy shing .she think that the serial is no way to move on forward she is playing meaningless stroy.views plase think

    it seriously when ishani and ranveer go to jail they are punichment to death(Phaci).but how can ritika comes back(She is doing two

    murders).it is fulllllllll of bakbas. and mohit abroal(Nerbhay) do not well educated and speak hindi well. due to this reason this

    this show go offAir.still colors Production team have not any shame. are you human being?other wise a human being thing i will

    hangup with rope.stupidless persons are in meri aashiqui tumse hi writter. this serial is going offair because of Nurbhay is entered

    and new family is introduced .it is ok.but how can Ritika re-entered.i descried in below .plase read this commants.other wise the

    writter of meri aashiqui tumse hi is the road side writter when the TRP is suddenly down he can not change the tracke (Ranveer and

    Ishaani together).ifthewritteris human being he hung with rope .it Proves that he is stupid Person.i am thanking my foot no your face

    is push.otherwise viewers can not miss Ishveer.main role is writter is very the begining os serial it giveup 22nd mins when

    the Nerbhay is entered in the show it gives up 15th mins.
    It is serial not a film it is last episode Where is Baa,Kalish,Amba,Mausi,Perul,Disha,Manasha etc. the Mainly truth is not spoken

    by Ishani is not Married to Nerbhay.if the serial ends today why not Ritika Punished.Ritika is going to sleep with Writer last that Ritika Excuse.

    • … shut the fuck up….
      Story cant move further without twists… and this show ended bcoZ of persons like you who post annoying comments…
      Now be ready to see more stupid serial kasam based on punar janam -_-


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