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Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 9th November 2015 Written Update

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi watch online

Milan calls Ishaani and asks where she is. She asks why is he upset, he asks her to come home as soon as possible. Ishaani says she is coming.
In the room, Ishaani comes inside. Milan holds her and asks where she was, what if something had happened to her. She says nothing happened. He asks her to promise never to go out like this. She tells him that she won’t go away from him now, she will always remain with him. She hugs him, Milan hugs her back. Ishaani says she didn’t know he loves her so much and is so concerned, that he can’t stay away from her and called her thrice in fifteen minutes. Milan realizes, gets away from Ishaani and says he will just finish up some file work. He leaves the room. Ishaani thinks what is happening to her Ranveer, he behaves differently each moment.
Milan is angry at himself in study room. He wonders why he feels so much for Ishaani. He thinks about Ishaani’s confessions, then Ranveer’s words. He says to himself that she loves Ranveer, not him.
Ishaani says to herself what has happened to Ranveer. She thinks about doctor’s words that there is something in his past that disturbs him. She thinks that she must do everything to find out about his problem.
Milan recalls himself that he isn’t here to love Ishaani but to take revenge. He must remember that he is Milan-the vilian. He makes a call and asks if all the preparations of party are done.
In the party, Baa welcomes everyone. Baa tells the guests that Ranveer did this all for his parent’s anniversary. Chaitali says she did this arrangement. Milan comes from behind, he says DP did this all, he explains DP means Dharam Patni i.e Ishaani. Chaitali asks everyone to see there DP comes. Milan turns to see Ishaani coming downstairs and couldn’t take his eyes off. Ishaani takes Baa’s blessings, who praises her. She turns to see Milan who stared at her, and looks away. She asks if Pandit ji hasn’t come till now. Milan says he must be here in sometime, Pandit’s are never late because they care so much about their money. Amba and Kailash come to the hall, Baa announces there the bride and groom come. People give them gifts and wishes.
Ishaani says to Milan that this colour suits Maa so much. Milan thinks when she will get his surprise gift they will lose all their colours. Chaitali says they only celebrate anniversaries so that every husband remembers that he is married. Everyone laughs, Parul watches Disha who holds Manas’s hand being insecure. She thinks about Manas’s words, then looks at the sleeping Krish in Disha’s lap.
Pandit ji arrive, they sit for Pooja. Milan stares the stage curtly. Pandit ji tells the couple to take their wedding vows again. Kailash says he promises to respect his wife always, he will always keep her happy. Amba says she promises to be obedient to her husband always, she will consider his family as hers. Ishaani look behind to see Milan, who at once changes his expressions and smiles at Ishaani. Amba takes the last promise that she will fulfil all her responsibilities so that their relation go on till the next seven lives.
Milan gets a call, he promises to come in a while and leaves the party. Ishaani turns to see he has left.
Milan comes to a small home, he asks them to perform well on stage. There were two identical boys there. He warns them that they will only get money if they do it right. He says today is his day, a lot of curtains will be raised today, and first thing to know about it will be Ranveer.
Ishaani looks for Ranveer in the house.
Ranveer, who had been chained thinks that today is his parent’s thirtieth anniversary, he had promised them to celebrate it so well with them today and he isn’t with him. They get Milan’s call, he asks to speak to Ranveer. Ranveer watches Milan dressed up, Milan says that today is the anniversary of his parents so he had to wear his boring clothes. Ranveer asks him why he is doing this all. Milan says he called him for this, he will tell him everything today, who is he, what he wants and what enemity he holds from Ranveer.
Ishaani goes to study room but Ranveer wasn’t there. She wonders where he went. Milan tells Ranveer to get ready, he will show him everything, his wife, parents and everyone. Ishaani comes calling Ranveer, Ranveer calls Ishaani but Milan mutes the voice and goes to her.
Ishaani was cursing Ranveer when she comes across Milan. He says he had something important to do.

PRECAP: Amba cries and confesses to Ishaani that this happened with them, there is a twin brother of Ranveer. Milan says the twin’s name is Milan. He says that he had suffered much in his life, they will have to pay for it.

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