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Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 8th October 2015 Written Update

At home, Baa awaits Ishaani. She asks Ishaani to sit with her. Ishaani smiles at baa. Baa asks if she fought with Ranveer, because of Disha. Baa says this all goes on, some people fight after wedding. She fought before wedding. They both are made for each other, there were so much hurdles, Baa herself being the biggest one but now they will get united. If love is true, God can’t set them apart. Love can change hearts, she must see her as an example, she was against love but today she thinks love is the base of marriage. She couldn’t understand her son’s love for Ishaani’s mother. She tells Ishaani that she is going to get married, Ranveer is angry but he will agree soon. Where there is love, nothing effects. Ishaani says to Baa that she is really afraid, Ranveer really behaves awkward these days. She hugs Baa.
Nimisha was telling the waiter about the decorations in the hotel. Sharman was there, Nimisha spots him and goes to him. She says that no one can understand her than him. She says this problem has been given by Ranveer. Sharman asks her to stop it, he doesn’t want to see or hear anything linked to Ranveer. Nimisha shows him her photos which Ranveer has taken, she shows him Ranveer’s number. She says it was Ranveer who had seen him, he has also warned her that if she tells anyone he will put them on internet. Sharman says that it is possible, Ranveer might have have lost his mobile and someone might have done this. He says he cant accept this. He mistrusted Ranveer and had to pay a heavy cost for that. Nimisha says that now his sister is marrying him who is… Sharman says that who loves each other dearly. Their love is an inspiration for many. Nimisha says that there are a few people who live for respect, he is even disrespecting her. Nimisha runs away and enters a washroom. Sharman says he is sorry but he doesn’t know who to trust or who not.
Nimisha runs into an out of order washroom, she looks behind in the mirror. Milan was there. He heads towards Nimisha who was really afraid. Milan asks why her eyes always widen when she sees him. She must broaden her heart to fit him in. He thought they have great setting. Nimisha pants, Milan asks why is she worried? He asks Nimisha to creat a scene for themselves. Sharman comes looking for Nimisha. He looks in the restroom but it was out of service. Nimisha was afraid and backs up asking him not to move forward. Milan asks if she will deny him, she must say yes and he will decide if he will do it or not. Nimisha shouts, Sharman was passing in the corridor and enters. Milan looks behind, smiles and goes out. Sharman calls Ranveer and attacks him, Milan shuts the door from outside and runs away. Sharman comes to Nimisha and tells her to relax. Nimisha was shivering in fear. In the corridor, Nimisha says to Sherman did he see it is Ranveer, he is following her as a shadow. Sharman says he thought it was a misunderstanding till now, but that was Ranveer. He thinks about talking to Ishaani and they leave. Milan appear in the corridor, he says Sharman didn’t see him but he showed himself to Sharman. He wants Ranveer to stand in the witness box.
In the room, Ishaani is shocked to see the photos of Nimisha in her phone. She asks Sharman what this all is, what they both want to prove. Sharman says everything is in front of her, Ranveer isn’t the way she is thinking. He has kept an eye on someone else. Ishaani says may be someone else put them on Ranveer’s mobile. Ishaani says Ranveer’s mobile got lost on road, someone may have done this. Sharman says the way he watched Ranveer in the hotel room with Nimisha, what she would say abou tit. Ishaani says she is ready to go to hotel with him for that. She is sure Ranveer won’t do it.
In the hotel, Ishaani asks to meet Mr. Ranveer Vaghela. Nimisha says this is Ishaani, his wife to be and they are getting married here as well. The receptionist say that he has asked her not to disturb. Sharman says that they have been trying his number for a long time, but he isn’t picking the call, may be he isn’t fine. The bell boy says that there is a do not disturb tag on the room door for almost six hours. Ishaani says he is unwell, they want to meet him.

Inside the room, Ranveer was asleep. Nimisha cries and states he is in this article. Sharman asks Ishaani to question him what He’s accomplishing here. He asks Ishaani to inquire Ranveer. Ishaani asks what to talk to, if he has reacted for therefore long. He wasn’t very well, which is why he will need to have occur right here. Ishaani was involved, she wakes Ranveer up. He half opens his eyes and sits up. Ishaani asks what He’s doing listed here. Ranveer was dizzy, he claims he experienced head ache and didn’t choose to rest in the vehicle. He came in this article to slumber. He says he didn’t want to fret her or everyone in your house, he tries to stand up. Ishaani tells him not to face and provides him a glass of h2o. She says if they have got observed, he was unwell and didn’t want to worry anybody. The bell boy also mentioned You will find there’s Will not disturb sign about the doorway. Sharman states he experienced observed him along with his very own eyes. Ranveer asks precisely what is it about? Ishaani claims absolutely nothing, merely a misunderstanding. Ishaani phone calls the motive force who had seen Ranveer here. The driver suggests that he was passing with Yet another motor vehicle, he noticed Ranveer was unwell and arrived below, he arrived upstairs Ranveer was asleep. He referred to as Ishaani and Ishaani instructed him to stay there. Ishaani tells the motive force to leave. She claims when Sharman came to her, she thought of going to see how Ranveer basically is. Ranveer ties for getting up but is not able to, Ishaani tells him that There have been a misunderstanding. Sharman viewed him misbehaving with Nimisha from the visitor home of resort.

Precap: Parul tells Ranveer and Ishaani to obtain married as planned. She can get delighted inside their marriage ceremony and check out to forget about her discomfort. Manas listened to this.

Written Update By Sahir


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