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Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 7th December 2015 Written Update

Ranveer goes inside the jail, Ishaani stands holding his hand from outside. Tears fell off both’s eyes. Ishaani says she is going, but she will return and he must wait for her. Ranveer takes his hand out from behind the bars and hugs her. She holds his face, his skin comes off at her hand. She says his infection will get well, she will look not only for proof but for this infection as well. She has done promise to him, she will only return when this is fulfilled. He must not lose courage. The inspector tells Ishaani to go, their next meeting will be in court now. Ishaani looks at Ranveer for another time and run away crying.
Outside the police station, Ishaani cries on stairs. Shikhar comes there, she says they have got the date of next month and they have thirty days and will win the case for sure. But she doesn’t need to fell weak. Ishaani says they also have to find the antidote of the injection that Milan gave to Ranveer.
In the jail, the food is offered to Ranveer. He takes the plate and eats a bite from it. His infection aches, and his arm hits another criminal. He asks the other one what happened to him, they tell him that he is sad. The man himself tells him that the girl he loved left him because there were these boils on his face, she loved his face. There was someone else, with more money and she left him. Ranveer says if she only loved his face, she didn’t love him. The man says Ranveer doesn’t know about love. Ranveer says there is true love, he hasn’t only felt it but has seen it. The man tells Ranveer that his wife left him here alone, she just promised him to come back but she will never return. She held his hand and said she doesn’t love his money but him, not his face but his soul but this is all lie. If he has money and a good face she is with him, else with someone else. He cries that this happened to him as well, they had owed to live together and die together but she left him.
Ishaani talks on phone, comes to the car and tells Shikhar that her doctor friend told her that in a lab in Haryana there is an antidote of Virus D. A lab personnel told a stranger man that Virus D turns a man slowly, into a wild animal but there is this antidote which when given will turn Ranveer back to his normal face. The man asks the lab personnel to leave. He goes behind, a lady comes in and asks if this is the right time to meet his wife. He says no, she will come here by herself. The woman promises that she is with him in this and will meet her only when he will ask her to. She comes out of the door to be Ritika.
Disha cries watching the photo of Krish. Baa comes to her room and asks why she is crying now. When he was here she didn’t care for him, when he isn’t there why is she crying. She had gone leaving him behind. Disha questions herself why she left him, why she left Krish. She couldn’t be a good wife but at least she could be a good mother. Baa tells Disha to control herself, she must be content that at least Krish is with Parul. She will brought him up well. Disha says she gave birth to Krish, she has the right to bring him up as well. Manas comes home, Disha comes to him and goes out to see if Krish and Parul have come there. Manas says he has got an ad published and kept a prize of 2 lacs for the one who will inform. Baa is sad what is happening to her family, her grandson died, Krish went missing and Ranveer is also not well. She prays for her family.
In the jail at night, the other criminal watches a rat. He tells him to go out, this is his cell. The rat still stands there. Ranveer wakes up, the man asks Ranveer what condition he has been in, the rat also ran away from him. Ranveer sits up straight, the man looks at him and runs in fear. He calls the inspector that he is afraid. He points at Ranveer and says he is really afraid. The inspector comes inside and heads to hit him with a stick, Ranveer saves him and tells him not to be afraid as this illness didn’t come to anyone in his family as well. He requests the inspector to shift him in the other cell. The man says no, he will stay in the same cell as this is a good man. He says only women have small hearts, he will not be afraid and will stay here. Ranveer sits down and remembers how Ishaani had hid his face, how she touched his infectious face even. She had promised him to return. He thinks that he couldn’t see himself for a single look how will the world see.

PRECAP: Ranveer was worried in the jail, he asks Ishaani what has happened to him that people aren’t ready to look at him. Though they were the one who ate with him and know this isn’t contagious. Ishaani tells him not to worry, she will just see. The switch the lights on and turns to look at Ranveer’s face.

Written Update By Sona


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