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Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 4th December 2015 Written Update

Shikhar tells Ishaani that he sent his team to Anjaar also, but there is no record. There is no proof that Milan was a twin of Ranveer. He says it is really difficult to save Ranveer. Ishaani tells Shikhar that she had an evidence, a message of Sharman that he knew there is a twin brother of Ranveer. She says once he saw Ranveer’s number flashing on a goon’s mobile but where, he didn’t share. She requests Shikhar to save Ranveer the way he had saved her from getting hanged. She requests.
Ranveer wakes up, and ask he rubs his hand on his face feels pain. He goes to see his mirror had been removed. He wonders if this was deliberately done. He says he has to see his face. Dewarsh and Pratik stood outside his room as he opens the door, they both run away watching him. He calls them, Pratik says they will come later. Ranveer runs hand on his face injury, goes inside and shuts the door. He looks for a mirror in the room saying he has to see his face. He looks all around the room, drawers and everyone but any frame also didn’t have a glass. He looks into the cupboard, but no mirror was there. He throws all the clothes from Ishaani’s cupboard and finds her bridal dress that had mirrors. He watches his face and shouts looking at the infection. Ishaani hears his cry and runs towards the room. She knocks at the door, Ranveer was in panic and says Ishaani can’t see him in this condition, she can’t live with him as he is turning to an animal. Ishaani calls Ranveer but he hides behind the curtain. Ranveer calls Ishaani to go away, she won’t be able to see him. Ranveer climbs the window and jumps outside. Ishaani breaks the bolt of the door with a nearby stand, she comes inside to find the room in a mess. She watches the mirrors of her dress and then says no… she goes to the window and calls Ranveer to stop. She runs outside, Amba and Kailash also come there. Amba says she heard Ranveer shout, Ishaani says he ran away as he had seen his face. There was police at their door. Ishaani tells Kailash to take care of Amba, she will just go behind Ranveer. She makes a call to Shikhar and tells him that Ranveer has run away. The police men calls the inspector that Ranveer ran away, the inspector tells them to find him anyway. He must not go away.
Ranveer goes on the road, people tell him to stay away from him as he has a strange ailment. He hides his face. Ishaani runs behind him, shouting his name. He watches her coming and run away. Ishaani follows him. He hides behind a car, saying he should go in front of Ishaani. He is getting wild in his looks, he must go away from Ishaani. Ishaani keeps a hand on his shoulder, he fears, shouts and tells her to go away. Ishaani asks who he is running away from, from his Ishaani. She says nothing has happened to him, why is he hiding his face because of what someone else did to him. She tells him to keep courage. Ranveer tells her to go away from him, people are also running away from him. Ishaani says Milan hated him so he did this, but she loves him a lot. She doesn’t care how he looks and how not. His power isn’t his face but his heart. Ranveer says he looked so bad in mirror what he could do, but why would she suffer. He will go away from her, where he won’t find himself and even his feeling will also go away. Ishaani says he is her feeling, he has always fight the difficulties. She asks running away isn’t a solution. And now, the police would also think he is the criminal and that is why he is running. She says that now she will get much away from him, they must go to police station now and explain them everything. He will now only return when she will prove him innocent. She tells him not to overthink. She promise to go to any limit to prove him innocent, and then he will come to everyone with his head risen. He holds his hand, and looks at her painfully as she cries. He remembers all the times with her, their marriage, her karwachot. He then wipes her tears.

PRECAP: Ishaani promises Ranveer in the jail that she is leaving with a promise, she will come when it is fulfilled. She tells Shikhar in the car that in Hariana there is a lab that sells an antidote of Virus D, they need to find its name. There is a strange person in dark, he tells a lady upon asking that they won’t contact his wife, but she will come to them herself. The lady says she is with him in this. That lady comes out to be Ritika.

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