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Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 30th October 2015 Written Update

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi watch online

Ishaan tells Amba that it seems there is some other man same as Ranveer with her, she doesn’t feel like it is the same Ranveer. Amba gets tensed. Ishaani says that it must be that she is suspecting her, may be it is because Ranveer has changed his medicines. Amba goes to send food for her. Ishaani says she will take it herself, she must not think about it much.
Amba comes to the room, Kailash asks why she is so tensed. Amba says that the past time has come back. Kailash tells her to sit down. Kailash says he had told her not to overthink, nothing has happened. He gets her warm milk so that she can sleep. Amba was panicking, holding her head. A young voice echo in her head, what they left him, what was his mistake. She wanders in the room calling the child. Kailash holds Amba and asks what she is looking for. Ishaani comes there too. Kailash says she has dreamt about something wrong.
The men were taking Ranveer somewhere and one of them told the other to drive fast, else Ranveer will be conscious again. They have an accident. It was Dewarsh whose car had hit, the man who was driving comes to apologize Dewarsh. Ranveer opens his eyes, he thinks he is so weak that he can’t call Dewarsh right now. Dewarsh asks the man for 20,000 but he only gives 15,000. Dewarsh is happy that he had good profit on Ranveer’s car.
Amba insists that something has happened to Ranveer. Ishaani tries his number, Milan picks the call. He says he is in meeting. Ishaani asks him to talk to Amba, he tells Amba he will call her after meeting. Amba was crying, she tells him to come a bit early today. Milan tells her to take care of her own self. Ishaani tells her that she will bring him to her as soon as Ranveer returns. She helps Amba lay down and asks Kailash to take rest, she is with Amba. He insists he will also stay, but Ishaani says she is here with her. Ishaani thinks why is Ranveer doing meeting this late. Milan was in study, he says he lied and these crazy people think he is in office working, he was at house. He plays the tape that Amba had heard, and thinks they must also remember what they did.
Milan slept on the bed all spread, Ishaani comes to the room with tea. She composes herself and asks Milan to get up, it is almost afternoon. He asks what this is. She says this is surprise, he came so late so she didn’t wake him up. And now it is too late, so she brought lunch directly. Ishaani tells him that some guests are coming to see Parul today, he says anything after food. He gets upset by watching ladyfinger and says he doesn’t want to eat. He is going to take a bath. Ishaani tells him to meet Amba first as she was really worried. He nods and goes curtly.
In the evening, Ishaani comes out with Parul. She asks Parul to smile, if she thinks positive only good with happen. Lakshmi introduces Parul to everyone. She tells Parul to serve tea to the guests. Chaitali asks Ritesh if this is the boy, he is an old aged man. Disha serves samosa to the guests. Ishaani and everyone dislike that way the guy says too good. Disha and Lakshmi appreciate Parul. Lakshmi tells Bhavesh to speak to Parul. He asks Parul if she has a boyfriend. They all share looks. Parul says no, she never had one. He says he has heard that her marriage got broken, what had happened; nothing is less in her though she is a bit tan. Ishaani stops him asking what kind of questions he is asking, she has recognized them well, they can leave. Bhavesh says she must owe him that they have brought a proposal for her because her marriage had already broken. Manas holds his arm and says he doesn’t need to ask why her marriage broke, it is just that he can never come upto Parul’s moral. The guests leave. Lakshmi says they were so rich, her Parul would have lived really happy. Baa says to Lakshmi that she must have lost her patience else Ishaani and Manas wouldn’t have interfered. Parul tells Lakshmi that she doesn’t want to marry anyone. Lakshmi asks Amba why she is silent too, Amba says she can’t give a wrong advice for Parul’s life. Lakshmi leaves the hall.
Amba was in kitchen, Ishaani comes inside and asks what is she cooking. She says Doodhi’s halwa for Lakshmi, she is angry at her. Ishaani says she is making Lakshmi up. Amba says Ranveer also loves this halwa. She asks Amba if she met Ranveer, Amba says she didn’t. Ishaani tells Amba that Ranveer always have time for his family, she must scold him. Ishaani tells Mala to call Ranveer from his room, but Mala says he has already left. Ishaani says he is really busy these days. She comes out of the kitchen and wonders what has happened to Ranveer, he loved his mother so much. And what he was saying about lady finger, while Ranveer loves Bhindi. Ranveer never lies, and now he is lying continuously. He didn’t even come to meet Parul’s guests. Earlier, he always wanted to be at home and nowadays he only wants to stay away. Is he really Ranveer?

PRECAP: Ishaani tells Milan to go and change as she isn’t ready for a joke. Milan asks why should he change. Ishaani says that Ranveer Vaghela doesn’t wear such clothes. He says Ranveer Vaghela doesn’t wear, but he doesn’t as he isn’t Ranveer Vaghela.

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