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Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 3rd February 2016 Written Episode Update

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi watch online

Kailash comes to Amba who was upset. Amba asks if he remembers this date. Kailash says one year ago, today Ranveer and Ishaani got married. Amba says people are mostly happy in their anniversaries, Ranveer must be upset.
A maid brings Ranveer a note from Naina who had called him in the out-house tonight. Pratik comes there. Ranveer says Naina called him, he has to meet Naina to know what is going on in Ishaani’s life. He says Ishaani lives so near to his house, still he has no way to meet her. Pratik says he has Naina’s letter in his hand, he can go to meet Naina and can meet Ishaani there too.
Ranveer and Pratik come home, Maa and everyone is excited. Ranveer says he came to say sorry for yesterday, he had a head ache. He says there is another reason, there is a tradition that on fixing of wedding date a saree is gifted to the bride. Ranveer gives the saree to Naina, and hugs him. Naina whispers that she will wait for him. Ranveer watches Ishaani, Ranveer says he has brought another saree for Naina’s sister in law Ishaani. Ishaani thinks that today is their wedding anniversary, she wanted to meet him. Ranveer thinks he doesn’t know why he wanted to meet her today. He says to Ishaani that he can’t let go of any ritual, it is his favorite green color. He says he has known that why she saved Pratik yesterday, she must keep on doing what she wants to do and he will do what he has to. Nurbhay comes home, he says that he wanted to meet Ranveer. He says that he has bought a land and wants to build a new business there. He wants Ranveer to see that too, Ranveer has an experience in business. Aarti asks to go out with them, they will have a family picnic. Ishaani says she will prepare lunch, Maa announces that they will do lunch there.
Ranveer tells Nurbhay that this land isn’t for commercial use, they must make a house on it. Nurbhay tells Ranveer that he wants to give this land to him and Naina as a gift of their wedding. Ranveer says he can’t accept it, he thinks it to be dowry and is against dowry. Maa says she is happy that Naina is going to marry someone who doesn’t bring money among relations.
Ranveer looks at Ishaani, he whispers to Pratik that Ishaani knows he likes lady finger, she has prepared it for their anniversary. Pratik asks him not to get excited, everyone has an eye on him today. Ranveer takes a seat saying he knows what he has to do. Ishaani was about to pour lady finger in Ranveer’s plate, Maa asks Ishaani to serve him something else. Nurbhay says it is tasty. Ranveer says he thought some people never learn cooking, but it is good she has learnt it now. Ishaani says she thought some people’s choice never change, but it does. Naina thinks that if Ishaani stays here, Ranveer won’t even look at her. She deliberately throws the curry on Ishaani’s clothes, Ranveer says Naina doesn’t need to apologize, and suggests Ishaani to wear the saree that he gifted.
Naina slips as Ranveer and Naina walked alone. Ranveer asks her to look ahead. Naina says she doesn’t care if he is with him. He asks Naina what she had to say to him? Naina says she will tell him about it at night, if he trust her? Ranveer says he does, he wants to thank her as well as she helped him a lot specially today. Naina asks what is special today. Ranveer tells her that today is their wedding anniversary, he wanted to meet Ishaani today and because of Naina his wish came true and could spend some time with Ishaani. Naina thinks she can’t get Ranveer until Ishaani is there between them.

PRECAP: The family comes and watch Ranveer and Ishaani together in the forest. They all are shocked to see the intimacy.

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