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Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 2nd November 2015 Written Update

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi watch online

Amba prays for the long life and safety of Ranveer.
Ranveer sat tied on a chair, thought about their encounter with Dewarsh, about Ishaani and cried. He thinks about Milan pointing gun at her, and shouts enraged. He shouts at them to let him go, struggles with his chair to throw the nearby lying drums and boxes. There was light from a wall, he thinks there can be a way to go out and struggles with his ropes. He is lucky to free himself by loosening his ropes, he looks outside and watches the address on the shop there. He watches a stick nearby, holds it up to break the glass on window. He hears the men coming, sits up on chair again and ties himself up to show off.
At home, Kailash comes to pray. Amba asks if he is also fasting, he nods. She says his sugar increases when he doesn’t eat much. Kailash says he didn’t believe in fast before, but now he fasts for his son. Ishaani hear them recalling the event when Ranveer was fourteen years old, he got hurt with a steel rod in a factory. But he got saved. Parents thank God for saving Ranveer because of fast. Amba says still she is hurt watching that mark on Ranveer’s back. Ishaani brings the thread.
Baa and Lakshmi come to Parul’s room. Baa appreciates Parul, she says that this time her mother has chosen a good boy, Baa says she herself met him first. She can meet him alone, and only she will take the decision. Lakshmi seconds Baa. Baa tells Parul not to keep anything in heart, she must only decide after a big thought. Disha overheard this, she goes to Mitesh, the boy. She comes to meet Mitesh, and asks if he is getting bored. Mitesh says he is excited to meet Parul. Disha says that Parul is really close to her, she told her that Parul liked him in the first look. She can keep him really happy, as she is a modern girl. She will do whatever he would ask her to do, he must ask her to do something that only a wife does for husband. Disha goes to get Parul.
The men ask Ranveer how the box fell down. They tell him to take the food, they remove his ropes and serves him food. They ask him to eat and goes inside. The men murmurs that he tried to untie the rope, they must block the window. Ranveer finds a charcoal and writes on the food receipt about the address where he has been kept and asks for help. The boys locks the window by then, they come to ask Ranveer why he didn’t eat. He stands up and tells them to tell his boss he don’t want to eat this. He says he doesn’t want this food, he wants bhindi and matter paneer. He sits firmly, then deters that he isn’t going to eat otherwise. If something happens to him, what their boss will do to them.
Ishaani runs to the office and asks Manas why he called him here so urgently. Manas says that Ranveer has a photoshoot with the investors but he is wearing such awkward clothes. He isn’t even listening to anyone. Ishaani enters the conference room and is freeze shocked, she asks the photographers for two minutes. Milan asks she didn’t appreciate him. Ishaani tells him this isn’t time for a joke, go and change. He asks why? Ishaani says Ranveer Vaghela doesn’t wear such clothes. He says Ranveer Vaghela doesn’t wear such clothes, he isn’t Ranveer Vaghela. Ishaani asks what? He says that he is now a married man, he wears colourful clothes. Ishaani says he has to maintain an image for investor’s magazine. Milan says if she will take his clothes off he is ready to wear anything she likes.
Parul was with Mitesh. They spoke with each other on little issues, they were in the same restaurant from which meal for Ranveer was brought. They even orders the Tawa palao. Mitesh thinks what Disha had asked him to do, he offers Parul to go to his home so that she can see his house as well, and moreover there is a lot of chaos here. Parul agrees. Mitesh says he will get the Pulao parceled at home.
Milan asks Ishaani is she ready to take his clothes off herself. He calls the photographer, Ishaani opens his tie and starts undoing his shirt buttons. He is shocked and says alright, this is enough. He will wear the rest, she must give him the clothes she wants him to wear. She asks him to take off the bracelet first. He takes off his shirt by then, Ishaani selects a shirt and turns but she doesn’t find any mark of burning on his back that Amba and Kailash had been talking of.

PRECAP: Milan says he has decided that Manas and Parul should get married. It was a shocking news for everyone specially Disha.

Written Update By Sona


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