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Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 28th December 2015 Written Episode Update

Nurbhay tells Ishaani that there will be a day when Ranveer will see her dead. Ishaani says she will die for her love, but will never bend. Nurbhay says Ranveer is her love and love is her courage, he would love killing that courage. He says he feels sweating while in December, the air conditioner didn’t work. He calls Ishaani towards him rudely, she cries at once that there is spice in her eyes. Nurbhay laughs that atleast there were tears in her eyes. Ishaani says she will only cry because of love for Ranveer. Nurbhay takes his shirt off saying it is too hot and brings a hand fan. He says if they switch the fan on, there will be spice. She must keep this hand fan moving and stay awake, so that he can sleep well. He tells her to stand up and blow this hand fan. He says if he wakes up before morning, she better knows what will happen to her.
Ishaani’s sister in law tells Nurbhay’s mother that she saw Ishaani ready as a bride going to Nurbhay’s room. Maa says he has married Ishaani, but sister in law Aarti says she is worried because Nurbhay first called her a maid then his bride. Maa says she must take care of Ishaani as they can’t say anything to Nurbhay. Vikram says Ishaani seems to be literate and speaks English well too. He mocks Nurbhay’s English. Maa says there is a new member in the family, they must take it seriously.
Ishaani fell asleep standing and blowing fan to Nurbhay. She wakes up at once, thinking about Nurbhay’s words of Ranveer’s sin. She wonders what happened between him and Ranveer, what Ranveer did.
Ranveer was sitting on an easy chair with a drink in his hand. He remembers when Ishaani had become a cat, she was drunk and she confessed that no matter she goes away from him, she loves him.
At 3 am, Ishaani wonders who must be listening to Kishore Kunwar’s songs. She thinks this is Ranveer’s favorite song, who is hearing this. She thinks this is Ranveer who gives her strength to fulfil her responsibilities towards Ranveer.
Ranveer keeps on drinking, listening to music. He fell asleep on his chair.
In the morning, Ishaani had fallen asleep sitting beside the bed. She wakes up and switches the air conditioner off. She thinks Nurbhay did this all deliberately, he threw spice in her eyes to degrade her all night. She cries hard, then says she doesn’t have to be weak. She has to make his torture her courage. She has to be strong for her Ranveer. She comes out of the room and watches Nurbhay brings food upstairs, she wonders if he is going to his room but he turns to some other way. Ishaani follows him. Nurbhay enters the locked room carefully. She thinks she had been forbidden to go in that room.
Nurbhay talked to someone in the room, that he has got tea for her with lesser sugar. She doesn’t take the tea. Nurbhay says he is sorry that he insisted on her to go to Mumbai with him. Hadn’t he taken her there, he wouldn’t have to hide her into the room. Ishaani wonders who else he has kept other than her. He says he won’t let her leave, and will keep her with him. Everyone tells him to let her leave, but if anyone forces him he will kill that person. Nurbhay’s opens the door, someone drags Ishaani behind. Nurbhay suspects someone’s presence. Vikram tells Ishaani that his brother is a psycho and can do anything, she must not go to that room and must not tell anyone he has saved her. He shows Ishaani the photos of Nurbhay in all the newspapers. Ishaani asks what is that so? Vikram says only he is illiterate in the family, else everyone is qualified in this house still they abide by his orders. She tells her not to think about that room and it’s secret. He says if she has done a deal with Nurbhay she must never leave the house. His power is his money that is countless, still he wouldn’t have ever touched her. Nurbhay shouts Vikram’s name from outside, Vikram leaves.

PRECAP: Nurbhay says Ishaani has broken the rule of the house, she must now clean all the windows of the house from outside.

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