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Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 25th December 2015 Written Episode Update

Ishaani watches the bruise on her arm in the room, then comes out looking for someone. She finds a lock outside a room and wonders why this room is locked. The servant comes and asks what she is doing here. Ishaani says she wants water and was looking for kitchen. He warns her to do what she is asked to. She must not try to know the truth about this room and shows her the kitchen at the left hand side. Ishaani goes there.
Ranveer comes to Nurbehr Singh Alawat’s banglow, his guide tells him this isn’t for sale. Ranveer says he doesn’t want to buy this as well. He says he wants to buy the banglow just in front of it at any cost. He says he will take revenge from Ishaani now.
Ishaani was in the kitchen, some old maidens come and take her to a hall. Ishaani didn’t understand anything they were talking about, but the ladies told Ishaani that it is a special night of her life. They tell Ishaani that her husband has sent her everything so that she gets worried. They get her ready, speaking about their wedding nights. Ishaani says she doesn’t want to go anywhere but the ladies say their mistress has told them to make her up well. They bring milk and asks Ishaani to give this to her husband. They takes Ishaani to the room telling Ishaani that men don’t like much shy girls. Ishaani thinks that she has done everything for Ranveer but she won’t be able to do this. The ladies watch her cry, and tells her to go into the room. Ishaani runs away, but stops watching Ritika. Ritika tells the ladies that all girls are worried at such moments. She takes the milk and sends the ladies away. Ritika tells Ishaani that Ranveer still needs the medicines that only Nurbehr can get him, and Sharman’s case can reopen. She must forget the piety and innocence, go inside the room and fulfill all the rights of a wife. Ishaani takes the glass and turns towards the room crying. Her sister in law watched them. Ishaani says if today her respect is lost, this would be the defeat of her love. She prays to God not to let her love lose.
Ranveer’s consultant offers to show him some more houses. Ranveer says he has fulfilled all the formalities of that house. The consultant says the house’s problems is also his. Their neighbor is an illiterate and uneducated man who doesn’t know how to speak. He tells Ranveer that other people living in that house are educated and literate, and that man has just married an urban girl who is really beautiful. He must make up with her, so that she comes to his place sometimes. Ranveer holds the collar of that man, throws him out of the room asking how dare he talked about her. Ranveer looks in mirror wondering what is happening to him, though she left him still he is concerned for her. He is enraged and says she made fun of his aashqui, he will not forget it nor will let her forget. He will take revenge from her.
Nurbehr was in his room when Ishaani enters the room. He bolts the door, touches Ishaani’s hair and drinks the milk from the glass. He says to Ishaani that a man’s sins are repented by their women. Ranveer has done sin that she must pay for. He sees the sindoor and says her Ranveer isnt worth putting a sindoor. He goes and gets coal’s black colour and puts the black tikka. He says now it must remain on her forehead. He asks if she will go now? Ishaani doesn’t move. Nurbehr asks if she is afraid, he says he doesn’t know what he will do but it will all be because of Ranveer. He goes to take his shirt off. He says Ranveer must be thinking her as a betrayer, he must be cursing his love right now. Where his love went, he accepted what she said. Ishaani says he can never understand what love is.

PRECAP: Nurbehr says he will never let her go, if someone tries to come in between them he will remove that person. Ishaani hears him say this from outside the room.

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