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Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 25th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi watch online

Ishaani bribes a maid. The maid asks if she is sure what she is doing is right. Ishaani says yes, but she must reach Nurbhay’s room at exactly 9o clock. Ishaani comes to the room and takes Pooja’s saree. Naina watches Ishaani in the saree leaving the house. The maid comes and tell Nurbhay that Ishaani has taken Pooja’s car. Nurbhay was enraged and hurries towards the garage. Ishaani starts the car, Nurbhay calls from behind but Ishaani takes it. Nurbhay takes his jeep and follows Ishaani calling her from behind. There Naina also followed Ishaani. Ishaani watches Nurbhay coming in the back view mirror. Ishaani watches Nurbhay approach, he was calling Ishaani to stop. Ishaani says today she will not stop and wants to know the truth. That will be a proof that Ranveer is innocent. Naina followed them. Ishaani hits the tree. Nurbhay stops the car, goes running towards him calling her Pooja. He holds her face, kiss her on forehead asking what she has done. He takes Ishaani in his arms, Naina comes out of her car. Nurbhay lay Ishaani by roadside and cries asking Pooja what Ranveer did to her. Ishaani opens her eyes and says she isn’t Pooja, she is Ishaani- wife of Ranveer. Nurbhay leaves her there on the road and stands up. Ishaani struggles to stand up herself, she says she did this accident deliberately, she brought Pooja’s car so that she wanted to recreate the accident scenario. She wants to know the truth that he knows only. He asks Nurbhay why he thinks Ranveer snatched Pooja’s life. Nurbhay asks if she can dare hear the truth. Ishaani tells him to dare tell her.
Nurbhay says it was Danderas night. He and Pooja were returning from Mumbai, meeting a gyneacologist. He says Pooja was driving, he was sitting in front and Naina at the back seat. Then, Ranveer came in front of their car and Pooja turned the car abruptly. He says Ranveer was saved but Pooja didn’t. Before that Naina walked and spoke, but she got a shock. He left his wife and his child in a moment. He lost his family because of Ranveer. Ishaani says Ranveer didn’t do it deliberately, Ishaani says Ranveer himself underwent an accident. He was running from a dangerous man. Nurbhay says he only knows one thing that Ranveer took his Pooja’s life. He loved Pooja dearly and couldn’t live a single day without her. He now snatched Ranveer’s life from him, that is Ishaani. He says they both love each other but now Naina loves Ranveer. He is separating them now for Naina. Till he gets his revenge and Naina gets her love, Ishaani must stay away from Ranveer else she must remember what Nurbhay can do to her.
Ranveer tells Naina not to take him wrong, but he wants to postpone this marriage for a while.
Maa comes calling Aarti and asks where Naina is. Naina calls Maa from behind, Maa runs to her and cheers that Naina has begun to speak.
Ranveer opens the door to see Naina standing outside. He says he was coming to her to speak to her. He calls her inside, and goes to get water for her. Naina calls Ranveer. Ranveer is shocked and asks if she has begun to speak, he was happy and says he can’t believe this. This is something worth celebrating. Naina says since he has come to her life, she has become the happiest. The happiest thing is that they will be together for lifetime. Ranveer leaves her hands at once. He says he is happy for her, he needs help from her in a task of his. Naina says she will do as he would say. Ranveer says he wants to clear a few things to her before marriage. He says it isnt about her, it is about him. He asks her to come and sit with him. He asks Naina not to take him wrong, he wants to keep this wedding on hold for some time.

PRECAP: Ranveer says Ishaani must have asked something for herself, she must ask Nurbhay’s long life as well. He says he also came to temple to ask for something, but not money. He came here to get his love. He is sure he will get his love. Ishaani only watches him.

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