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Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 24th November 2015 Written Update

Disha tells the guests that this is a forced marriage, Ranveer is force marrying her husband to some other girl. Ranveer must have helped many people, but here he is ruining her house. What will happen of her and her child? The guest elders say that they will speak to Ranveer. Milan comes downstairs. The guests question him why he is getting this marriage done. The people accuse him, while Milan keeps drinking one glass after the other. He asks them what they were saying. The elders ask what is Harshid’s daughter saying, if this is a force marriage. Milan says yes, they have come for Sangeet and must enjoy. Kailash asks Milan how he is speaking to them as they are elders. Milan says this is the problem of elders, they always interfere for no reason. The elders stand up saying had they known he would behave this way to them, they wouldn’t have come here. Milan says no one can deny his invitation, no one can compare his money power. The elders head to leave, Milan says no one will leave as it would be disrespect to him. Milan asks about his wife and goes to get her. Everyone is worried. Ishaani walks in the western clothes and high heels through the corridor, feeling uncomfortable. Milan watches her in the dress and stops by, he calls her as DP (Dharam-patni) and asks why she is standing here. She asks how she can go downstairs this way. He asks if she dislikes this. Ishaani says he asked her to wear this. Milan says he asked her to wear something that she dislikes, she must hate him then. Ishaani says for him, she can do anything, but can’t hate him. Her love has no conditions, just promises. Milan says alright, he is now asking her to go and change the dress. Ishaani smiles and goes inside. Milan thinks this is what he wants, unconditional love. He forbid his wife to go in front of everyone in that dress, because Milan loves Ishaani. But Milan hates Ranveer and his family and today he will show them all something that they will lose their minds. He comes downstairs.
Mitesh comes to Disha and tells her not to cry, everything will be alright. He wonders why he is doing this all, what he will do ahead. Milan comes and stares at every face. He says this isn’t his Sangeet, but Parul and Manas. Parul and Manas were both upset, he asks them to celebrate, no one must have seen the arrangement he has got done now. He calls dancer girls. Everyone is shocked at this. He sends a flying kiss to them and calls them inside. The family is worried. Milan calls Chaitali to come and dance with them. He calls for music. People there talk to each other that Ranveer is a Devta human, but behaves like Devil. Sharman enters the house and calls to stop the music. He comes to Milan and asks why he is misbehaving in front of everyone. Milan says this is his house, he may do anything. Sharman asks him to go inside, Milan asks how he dare touch him. Everyone comes forward to stop RV. Milan stops them all. He wrestles with Sharman and holds his hand asking how he dare hit RV. Ishaani stops his hand, confronts him and slaps him hard. Milan looks at her in shock. She looks around the guests gossiping and murmuring things about them. Ishaani runs inside, crying. Milan shouts what everyone is staring, they must get out. Baa comes while Milan forbids her strictly to interfere. The guests leave the house. Milan goes inside.
Ishaani runs upstairs in the corridor, to the room of Ranveer. She fell near her bed and cries. Ranveer opens his eyes to look at her. She asks him not to feel sorry for her, she has done something that no girl does to her husband. She slapped her husband in front of everyone, all the family, guests and Gujrati community. She loves her Ranveer and her… She wonders what has happened to him, why he has changed. Ranveer thinks he hasn’t changed, he is like that. He is Milan. She is crying for the wrong person. She says since he knows about his past he misbehaves with everyone, he brought dancing girls and danced with them, so she slapped him. She knows he would never ruin his family’s respect, but there is something wrong for sure. Ranveer keeps his finger on her hand. She keeps her hand on his. She says she knows he wants to listen to her, she feels light talking to him. She hopes he could help her too, show her the right path. Ranveer shuts his eyes in pain. Ishaani says she will do what a friend do for the other, now only the action would help.

PRECAP: Milan says to Ishaani she is so beautiful, he can’t take his eyes off her. Today he wants to come close to her, he wants to feel her.

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