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Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 24th December 2015 Written Update

Nurbehr lets Ishaani meet his friends, one of them offers him a land where he can set his factory. They go to another guest couple, they ask how his sugar business is going. He says his wife will tell them about it. Ishaani says it is good, he clutches her shoulder. She says it is good enough to make them happy. They ask her name. Ishaani says it is Ishaani. He asks her to tell her full name, she says Ishaani Nurbehr Singh Alawat. When the guests leave, Ishaani says no matter what her only identity will be Ishaani Ranveer Vaghela. Nurbehr says they had a deal, the happier she stays with him, and the happier Ranveer will be.
Amba and Kailash stop Ranveer saying he must not go behind Ishaani anymore. They knows she is there. Kailash says she betrayed them, why he is going behind her. Ranveer says they know she leaves in Karnal, but they don’t know she lives there with her new family. He says he didn’t tell them that he went to thank NSA due to whom he got treated, there Ishaani was introducing herself as Mrs. Nurbehr Singh Alawat. The man she has married has sugar mills. He wants to take revenge from her. He thinks she must now be ready for his revenge.
Nurbehr tells Ishaani he takes his revenge this way only, ones revenge from another. Ishaani says she will not be his wife for even the next six months, if he keeps her there. Nurbehr says that he has introduced her as his wife here, now everyone will call her his wife. Ladies come to congratulate his mother, Nurbehr tells his mother to gift something to his wife. She takes Ishaani away.
Ritika comes to Nurbehr and says he did right by introducing Ishaani to everyone. Now all the high society will know Ishaani has become his wife. Now he will live crying.
Ranveer slaps a young man, he says he slapped him in place of his parents and asks if he left his parents for a girl. There is nothing like love, that girl will leave him once. Love only takes a person away from life, so much that it becomes difficult to come back to life. It is better he stays with his parents. He tears his resignation, tells him to think about it calmly and not destroy his future just for a girl.
Rajeshwari gives Ishaani a coin of Shagun and tells her to keep it with her always, blessing her. Ishaani was about to say something, but Rajeshwari says she must go from here right now, meet the guests and enjoy the party. Ishaani comes to the hall and watches the chandelier flashing. She calls Naina to get away from there, everyone gets attentive towards it. Ishaani runs as Naina was lost in her thoights, she drags Naina from the couch. Nurbehr comes shouting Naina’s name, and pushes Ishaani away. Ishaani shouts at Naina what her family would have done if something had happened to her. Nurbehr asks how dare she scolded his sister. He helps Naina sit up. Nurbehr shouts that the party has ended, they must all go to their homes.
Nurbehr says to Ishaani that this all happened because of her. Ishaani says she was shouting at her, she had been helping her only. He holds his hand on her, she is afraid at once. Nurbehr says Naina can’t move her hands and legs, she is sad but wasn’t like this ever. He says she is like this because of Ishaani. The servant brings wheelchair, Nurbehr holds Naina and makes her sit on it. He tells everyone to go to their rooms, he tells his maa to go to her room as well, and everything will get fine. He points at Ishaani and tells her not to come in front of him for the next few days, else he will not leave her alive. Ishaani leaves.
In the room, Ishaani thinks about Nurbehr’s accusation and wonders why he said so.

PRECAP: Nurbehr bolts the door of rooms and tries to get intimate with Ishaani, drinks with the glass. Ishaani had tears in her ryes.

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