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Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 23rd September 2015 Written Update

Ranveer doesn’t accept the claim of Mr. Shah. Ranveer asks if he will steal his own diamonds from his company. Mr. Shah tells him he sold them to him for 4.5 crore and now he had to claim insurance of 5 crores to earn profit. Mr. Shah says he is now denying all his deals. Ranveer pushes him out of the house. Mr. Shah leaves house murmuring and calling him a liar. Ravan heard this all, he stands at the door way thinking that Ranveer Vaghela must have to face his past now. The past he had left in his village has come to face him again.
RV comes inside shocked at Mr. Shah’s words. Ishaani asks what happened and where he had gone. He says nothing and goes to meet other guests.
Kailash comes to Raavan and asks why he has come here. Ravan says he must keep an eye on Ranveer, he can do anything in his lost mental state. Baa comes there and asks Kailash who is he. The guest introduces himself as Raavan and says he has come from Anjaar. Baa says they must be relatives as well. Amba comes and says he is their old relative. Baa says he must stay with them till wedding now. Raavan and Baa go inside. Baa introduves Raavan to Ranveer who doesn’t recognize him, he takes baa instead with him.

Chaitali scolds Sharman why he turned down that Woman. She shows him how content his father has been following receiving married to her. Ritesh from behind Chaitali informed Sharman to not marry in life. Chaitali turns at the rear of, Ritesh nods at Sharman to marry. Ritesh requires Chaitali, Sharman retains on murmuring straight with regards to their relation and smiles. The planner relates to Sharman and drops her flower basket, she asks Sharman if he is allergic to women. Sharman says his past report with girls isn’t a really perfect one particular. She implies to locate a boy for him. He says she jokes properly. She insists that there is often a girl powering a successful gentleman. Sharman suggests this isn’t a must that Lady be his wife. She claims it is good if that may be his wife. Both smile, Pratik enjoy the scene. Her dupatta had trapped in Sharman’s sleeve button, Sharman gets rid of it.
Chaitali announce about a recreation of couples. Each member are going to be blindfolded and must obtain their existence associates. Ranveer and Ishaani obstacle each other, Ishaani claims she will discover him however, if he loses, his childhood adore promises will get Fake. Pratik blindfolds Chaitali, Baa shifts the place of men. Chaitali concerns Ritesh expressing she will find him in any case. Chaitali will come straight to Ritesh who’s happy she has recognized him in the very first go, Chaitali passes Ritesh. She holds the tray of the waiter, Ritesh concerns open her eyes stating she got hold of a waiter. Baa will come and states it isn’t her miscalculation, he is usually uncovered by using a plate.
Baa suggests they need to atleast know one another for two years atleast. Ritesh asks Baa if they are able to day some other person right after wedding ceremony, to alter their final decision. Chaitali takes Ritesh aside. They call for Ishaani’s switch. Pratik blindfolds Ishaani. Ishaani will come ahead, she goes to Ranveer who alterations his position. Ishaani holds Pratik’s hand, then caresses his cheek. She takes a glass of h2o, then leaves. She relates to Kailash then touches his ft. Anyone claps. She eventually reaches Ranveer, passes him and goes at the rear of him to have his arm declaring This is often her Ranveer. She boasts as she gets rid of the fabric from her eyes. Ranveer appreciates her, Ishaani claims she had told him she’ll identify him from his fragrance. Baa appreciates Ishaani, she says they must all ponder what Baa suggests about them but she’ll only communicate when Ranveer may even find Ishaani similar to this. Ranveer will come forward to Ishaani, he passes her and goes one other way. He stops at Chaitali and says she is there, his Girl adore, his dear Chaitali Kaki. Every person claps, he passes Amba, Lakshmi and then stops at Manisha, the planner. Ishaani is stunned, he holds her fingers and says Sure, her arms are so gentle like silk. Ishaani is enraged.

PRECAP: Raavan asks Ishaani if Ranveer at any time informed her about Anjaar, when he was youthful than nine and in Anjaar something had took place there. Ishaani claims no, he is about to tell her when Amba watches him with Ishaani.

Written Update By Sahir


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