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Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 23rd October 2015 Written Update

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi watch online

Dewarsh and Manas were looking for the Pan. Manas watches the car and says this was the car guard was talking about. They go to see if it has some connection with Nimisha’s death.
The boys spoke that they must hide the car. One of them says that no one come looking for RV as they all think he is at home. They rings the bell. One of the boys open the door, on Manas and Dewarsh’s inquiry, he tells them that they came for flower decoration. Ranveer watches them there and pushes a box that makes other fell too. Manas and Dewarsh turns around, the man explains his flower bag fell down. The come to beat Ranveer even more.
Amba gives simple Pan to Ranveer and asks if he is calm now. Milan asks if all the rituals are done. He heads to his room thinking that tonight, not Ranveer but his villain is coming. It was Ranveer’s story and Milan got its climax. Milan enters the room where Ishaani was waiting, he thinks that the night Ranveer waited for years is his now, he got in minutes what Ranveer awaited a life time. Ranveer roars to be freed.
Ishaani thinks why this night is so dark, why isn’t she happy and why she is so restless. She wonders why she felt so strange on Ranveer’s touch. She wonders if this is because of their wedding night, the way Ranveer talked about it. She thinks she doesn’t have to stay this way on the night that is going to start a new life for her. Milan boasts his luck, Ishaani boasts hers. Milan looks at Ishaani and wonders what Ranveer liked in her. But he has to own anything that is Ranveer’s. Milan comes to Ishaani, he drags her towards him and takes a selfie with her, then holds her in his arms. She shuts her eyes, he thinks he must shut his eyes not her. She asks why he has held her so tight, it’s hurting. Krisha, Parul and Manas stood outside the door hearing the conversation and waiting for a response from inside. Ishaani notices there was something behind their bed sheet, they removes and finds a crispy bread (Paapar) underneath. Ishaani thinks it must be Dewarsh and Pratik’s mischief. Milan stops her anyway. He tries to celebrate again, but this time alarm clock rings. Ishaani asks if he set an alarm, then says it must be Pratik, Parul and Dewarsh and laughs. Milan is angry. He gets his mood well again and was about to get near to Ishaani when another alarm ring, they both find where the sound came from. It was another alarm clock. He shuts it off curtly, Ishaani still smiled. Another alarm clock begin to ring, the group laughed. Ishaani finds one behind the sofa and heads to fine the next one. Ishaani sits on the bed at once, there were crisps under the sheet. They hear giggles from outside, Milan opens the door and Parul was about to fell. Manas holds her at once, Disha felt reserved. Milan asks what is going on. Parul says they need a Naik, this is time for Naik. Milan denies, but Parul says she is his only sister. Milan gives her some money, she happily leaves.
Disha fights with Manas that he is finding ways to get closer to Parul. Manas stops her saying she hasn’t changed a bit, Parul helped him a lot and took care of Krish. She has nothing in her mind. Disha asks what he feels about her. Manas says respect, she took great care of Krish whom… Disha asks him to complete his sentence. He leaves. Disha thinks she must get Parul out of their lives. Milan bolts the door. He takes wine in a glass from the cabinet, he watches his headphones on the cabinet and dances on the music. Ishaani suspects and feels bad about it. Milan comes to her and asks what she is staring at, today was his wedding. He dances with her in a vulgor way, on a low grade song. He holds her dress, she pushes him away asking him to stop it, what he is doing. Milan takes his headphones off, comes to her and asks if she doesn’t has a mood not to dance. He tells her not to worry, he knows what she wants.

PRECAP: Ishaani was in washroom thinking that Ranveer always take care of her choice, then why he wants her to wear this today.

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