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Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 23rd December 2015 Written Update

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi watch online

Ishaani denies that she isnt a servant. Nurbehr tells her to keep quiet. He asks everyone if they haven’t ever seen a fair servant, she must have eaten well in childhood but now she will serve them all. He tells them to keep Ishaani worse than servants as well, they can even beat her if she argues. He orders the servants to leave and turns to go upstairs. He asks his family why they are wearing such simple clothes. He calls for the jewelry he had brought for everyone. He hands all his family gifts. He says he wants them all to wear the jewelry for celebrations at home, they all wear it. He says now it seems as Nurbehr Singh Alawat’s family. He announces that party will begin at 8 o clock, they all must go and take rest. He stops Ishaani and tells her to get ready as well. Ishaani asks why she should get ready. Nurbehr says she will get ready because she is the wife of Burbehr Singh Alawat. Ishaani says she isnt his wife, he drags her inside forcefully to the terrace. Ishaani says he can do anything, she won’t marry him ever. She only loves Ranveer, she will only marry him. Nurbehr says she had said in a party in Mumbai six months ago that she is Mrs. Nurbehr Singh Alawat. Ishaani says she said so only because Ritika asked her to. Nurbehr Singh says he only wanted to know if she still loves Ranveer or not, that is why he spent two days with her in jail and he doesn’t want to listen what he already knows. Ishaani says she didn’t deal with him about marriage. Nurbehr tells Ishaani that if he can give Ranveer the injections due to which he get treated, he can get is stopped as well. He will be ruined then. He asks Ishaani what she wants to be now, his wife or a widow of Ranveer. Ishaani cries thinking about Ranveer. He hadn’t gone inside when Ishaani says Wife! Nurbehr calls Ritika who comes out with Ishaani’s dress. Nurbehr throws a dress at her and says she will wear this dress and do what a wife does. Ishaani asks why he is doing this all? He says she must not ask why he is doing this, she must ask what he can do. She is getting punished for Ranveer’s sin. Ishaani asks which sin? He says she will get to know it in time and tells Ritika to teach Ishaani how to speak, else she will be in problem. He goes inside. Riitka asks Ishaani why she is crying, she must be happy how many times she will marry in one life. She tells Ishaani to see Ritika couldn’t marry once. She tells Ishaani she must do what Nurbehr asked her to, there are no options in her life now else he can do anything with Ranveer. If Nurbehr says they will live apart, they have to and if he says she will be his wife, she has to be. She tells Ishaani that today was a good day in Ranveer’s life, he has got his face back and a huge contract as well. She shows her Ranveer’s photo, which Ishaani watches intently. Ritika says that Amba and Kailash have kept a huge party in celebrations. She says to Ishaani that they will party here. She asks Ishaani it is time to show how really her Aashqui is with Ranveer.
There, Amba prepares for Ranveer’s celebration party. Ranveer comes home. Amba and Kailash run to him, Amba hugs him happily saying his face looks too good. Kailash says he has now got an attitude now, Amba says it suits him. They tell Ranveer about their arrangements, and there were some business papers for him ready to announce his new business. Amba and Kailash tell him to take rest. Ranveer says he now doesn’t have to take rest. He has to do a lot. He says he now has to set a sugar factory. Kailash says Ranveer knows well about stock market as well as diamond. Ranveer says his new plant is in Hariana, and his new life goal is there.
Nurbehr comes downstairs, his mother takes him aside and asks what this all, who that girl is is? Firstly he said she is a servant, then said she is his wife. His man comes to tell him she is here. Ritika tells Nurbehr she has brought his wife, like he wanted. He comes to Ishaani and holds her hand, though she resists. He tells her not to show an attitude, else he will drag her around. He tells Ritika and his mother to enjoy the party, he will introduce Ishaani to the guests. He tells Ishaani to keep her gaze down, else it can cost her Ranveer a lot.

PRECAP: Ishaani watches the chandelier move and about to fell over Nurbehr’s sister, Naina. She calls her and goes to save her. Nurbehr shouts Naina!

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