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Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 22nd October 2015 Written Update

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi watch online

Ranveer uses a nearby lying glass piece to free himself.
At home, Ishaani and everyone prayed.
The men take Ranveer again, he struggles but they were too many and ties him using chains this time. One of them punches him on face. They say that their boss will take their lives had he reached home today, they must take an eye on her.
Baa tells Krisha to take Ishaani to room till they complete some rituals. Milan smiles at Ishaani, he thinks that now he will do the rest, as Ranveer’s love, family and wealth all is with him now, he can use them anytime. Baa asks Chaitali to go and arrange for the ring game. Kailash keeps a hand on Milan’s shoulder, he wonders what he needs now. Kailash says today was his wedding, Milan jokes he didn’t know. Kailash says this isn’t a joke, there was a death at the time of his wedding, a bad omen. They must apologize to God for this, he takes Milan to temple. Milan stares at him, Kailash asks God to forgive him for his mistake, and Milan asks what mistake he committed. Kailash says that a person can commit a mistake anytime, he must keep on asking for forgiveness. Milan asks if he didn’t commit a mistake twenty years ago. Kailash gets worried. Milan says he was joking.
Ishaani was in the room, Milan comes in saying he had to change so he thought about having a few words with her. She says finally they are married. Milan gets on bed, he says she married Ranveer but will celebrate wedding night with him. She doesn’t get it. He asks when she started to love him, and when their love started. Ishaani smiles, then accepts to tell him saying he love her since nine years of age. She loved him after their first marriage. Milan says he will tell her about everything, before nine years of age. Ishaani is happy to hear about it, but Milan says that after honeymoon. Ishaani asks Milan to leave.
On the ring ritual, Baa explains the game. Ishaani is shocked as Milan’s hand touches hers under the milk. Chaitali asks why she stopped. Milan finds the ring, and smiles victoriously. Ishaani smiles.
There Ranveer struggled for the boys to leave him. The boys told him that their boss plays with girls, they can’t say out of love of hate. Ranveer says he must save Ishaani from him anyway. Baa says they must now start the singing ritual. She says that Ranveer will sing for Ishaani, Milan is shocked. Lakshmi says he will have to sing atleast one song. Milan says he can’t sing, he feels shy. Amba insists, Milan sings so badly. Ishaani is shocked, everyone skeptical at the song. Milan asks why they got so serious, Parul says this was great, please sing another. Milan stands saying he is sleepy and is leaving. Chaitaali asks is he much irrestible to wedding night. Milan says he had been waiting for this wedding night for whole of his life, he asks Dewarsh if he is doing romance with his wife? Everyone is shocked at the behavior. He says he is going to do it with Ranveer’s wife. He says he means himself, everyone changes after marriage and he has also changed abit. Chaitali says he is getting Ishaani’s colours. Ranveer tell the boys to leave him, he will give them more money than his boss. The boy says that where he will give them money? All his money has gone to their boss, should they get him some? Ranveer pushes them back at floor. They take him by collar. Ranveer says he is asking them to leave him, else if he is saved they won’t survive. One of them ask about an injection and gives it to Ranveer, he faits at once. The boys laugh watching him hang with a chain.
Baa says all is done now, she tells Ishaani to go to her room now. Amba asks Parul and Krisha to take Ishaani to her room. Milan was leaving, Amba says a ritual is still remaining, about eating Pan. She puts one in his mouth, he spits it out at once. Amba asks what happened? Milan shouts that he doesn’t eat sweet Pan, she must have asked before putting it in his mouth. Manas tells him to relax, he will get a simple Pan. Lakshmi says that Ranveer, you liked sweet Pan. They calm him down.
Ranveer hung badly with chains.
Ishaani stood worried in her room.

PRECAP: Milan holds Ishaani in arms tightly, and says her eyes are really beautiful. She asks why he is holding her so tight? He is hurting her. Milan says he doesn’t want to go away from her now, and come as close to her as possible.

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