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Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 22nd January 2016 Written Episode Update

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi watch online

The rules of Antakshari are set, that only romantic songs will be played. The first song is Mere haath mein. Next turn of Aftab ‘nazar ke samne… jigar k paar’. Ranveer comes ‘jo b qasmen khai thin humne… kya tumhe yaad hai’. His eyes directed towards Ishaani only. Ishaani sings ‘ik adhoori si hamari kahani rahi’. She remembers her times with Ranveer. Ranveer comes in between, he says this song has always been her favorite, right? Everyone notices them. Maa asks Ranveer how he knows about it. Ranveer says girls like such songs. Both get to their seats. Amba sings ‘single akeli hun me… oo boy’. The boys come to dance with her. Ranveer stands besides Ishaani, he says these days’ girls use boys as toys, play with them for a while then breaks them. He smiles at her curtly.
The Kya Cool Hain Hum team take advantage and run away. Pratik asks them continue with the Sangeet. Aarti comes to dance on Angrezi beat. Ranveer notices Ishaani. After that Pratik comes between pointing his song at Ishaani. Both Ranveer and Pratik along with Nurbhay stare at Ishaani. Pratik asks Ranveer to go and take Ishaani for dance, Ranveer comes to her, holds her hand and brings her to centre, dancing with her in couple. Naina was upset. Ritika was shocked, watching their intimacy. Ishaani had hugged Ranveer, keeping her head on his chest. Pratik shouts at them to for some disco music now. He gets everyone to the floor. Ranveer only smiles, Ishaani feels awkward. Ranveer hits his shoulder on Ishaani’s and takes her aside. Naina looks for Ranveer.
Ranveer takes Ishaani to a room, he takes her on the wall, holds her face and gets closer to her. He asks Ishaani that she didn’t tell him how she felt. Ishaani asks what? Ranveer asks how she feels that he is marrying someone else. Ishaani says she feels bad, because he is ruining someone’s life. Ranveer asks what when she married Nurbhay? Ishaani says he will ruin Naina’s life. Ranveer says she married Nurbhay in front of him, he will marry Naina in front of her now. He holds Ishaani’s face, joins his face with hers and asks if she isn’t effected when he marries someone else? Naina watched them together. Ranveer says he won’t go away without an answer today. Ishaani says she isn’t effected but she will feel bad if he married Naina. Ranveer says now he will marry Naina for sure. Ishaani stands at the door thinking about Ranveer, he said if she confessed her love he will break his marriage, about Nurbhay. She says this is it, she must do something as she can’t let this wedding happen. She wonders what she must do to bring the truth to Nurbhay. She thinks about the car, and says there is now a single way that she must adopt.

PRECAP: Nurbay drives the jeep, Ishaani drove the car and hits it on a tree. Nurbhay shouts Pooja and goes to faint Ishaani. He considers Ishaani as Pooja. Naina shouts behind watching the scene in another car.

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