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Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 20th October 2015 Written Update

Baa watches Ranveer on the doorway and brings him to stage. Ishaani stands up on stage. Both smile at each other. Pandit ji requests them all not to interfere in any way for the next five minutes. So that the wedding takes place in the best moments. Ranveer and Ishaani take seats, lights get on as well. Pandit asks to do their gatt bandhan. Ishaani says to Ranveer that God wanted their wedding to take place now as well, Ranveer says those who have to get united, does. Both share an eye lock. Nimisha watches them too.
Milan struggles behind the sofa. He finds a paper cutter nearby.
Pandit ji asks the couple to stand for seven rounds and instructs them. They begin the rounds of wedding. Raavan and Nimisha both watched happily. Nimisha thinks once the wedding is complete, she and uncle will tell everyone about Milan.
Milan takes the papercutter and starts cutting the ropes of his hand.
Pandit ji tells Ishaani to come forward in rounds. The weddings rounds had been taken. Pandit ji tells them to take seats.
Milan finally frees himself and comes out of the room.
Pandit ji instructs Ranveer to put in sindoor and mangal sooter in Ishaani’s neck, then the wedding will be finished.
Nimisha watches the rituals from upstairs, Milan watches this all from upstairs and is shocked. Ranveer put in sindoor in Ishaani’s head and takes mangal sooter in his hands. Both Ishaani and Ranveer keep on looking at each other. Pandit ji announces that they are husband and wife from today. Everyone claps. Pandit ji asks them to take blessings from everyone.
Milan was curt and watches Nimisha standing on the other side of the corridor. He heads towards her and goes to her. He knocks her at the wall and says he had forbidden her to cross his way, now because of her Ishaani and Ranveer married and because of her only they will have to get separated. Nimisha struggles with him, but he knocks her head with the corner of the table. She was hurt. He takes her to gallery and throws her down into the hall. Everyone is shocked, Nimisha’s head bleed badly. Sharman and Ishaani run towards her. Milan hides himself behind the curtain. Sharman says she has died. Baa asks Dewarsh to call police. She is worried what accident took place on the wedding. Ranveer wonders how she fell down, gallery is in its place. Raavan runs out thinking it must be Milan, he might also kill him. Milan thinks that in real life a villain never dies, he celebrated wedding with Ishaani but only I will spend wedding night with her.
Ranveer says whoever pushed Nimisha must be there upstairs. Milan comes downstairs and runs hiding behind the curtains. He sends Manas and Dewarsh upstairs. Milan comes towards the corridor where a waiter stood with juice in hands. He pushes the waiter and runs outside. Ranveer watches him go out, he thinks why anyone would wear clothes similar to him. Is he the one who got him kidnapped? He runs out. Milan waited for Ranveer, he says that the prey himself if walking towards him. He breaks a pot to get Ranveer’s attention and runs away. Ranveer gets Milan and is shocked to see him.
Milan laughs at Ranveer. Ranveer says that night also, he was there. Milan says it was him, he is just a shadow of Ranveer. He says both faces are same, just Milan’s muscles are stronger than him. Ranveer asks who is he. Milan says they are just opposites, Ranveer sunrise, Milan sunset; Ranveer is happy, Milan is sad. Ranveer distributes money among people, Milan only grabs it. Ranveer asks what he wants? Milan says everything that is Ranveer’s. He goes and get a wood stick to hit Ranveer’s head.

PRECAP: Mrs. Mehta blames Ranveer that he freed Nimisha from jail and when he couldn’t get her, he killed her. Ranveer stands looking at her clueless.

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