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Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 19th November 2015 Written Update

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi watch online

Parul brings something to eat for Krish. Disha shouts that she wants to snatch Krish from her. Manas tells Disha that she is only giving her sweet. Parul tells Disha not to scream and create a drama. Disha shouts again. Ishaani comes in saying she is creating a drama, if she stops fighting with Parul all the time and take care of Manas and Krish this all problem won’t come. Disha takes the chain to throw it, Milan holds her hand saying it is for Krish and not for Disha, and he hands the chain to Parul. Disha says she is his mother, Parul won’t touch Krish. Milan says she left that son and the woman who leaves her son isn’t worth calling a woman. He says to Manas that this woman left him, is she worth being called his wife and the mother of his child. He tells Parul to put the chain on Krish’s neck, he asks Disha to make the photo of them. He says Parul isn’t the sister of a driver but the sister of owner of house, she must respect Parul. He hands the camera to disha, Parul takes the crying Krish in her arms. Milan asks Manas to come with Parul, makes them stand together and asks Disha to make a photo of them. Disha takes the photo and shuts her eyes tight while doing it. Milan appreciates the photo saying he will get this photo enlarged. He leaves the room. Disha cries.
Milan was in the room when Ishaani comes in. she asks what happened to him, what he was saying, he isn’t the son of a driver and all that. Where this all came to his mind. She says she was a daughter of the owner and he the son of the driver, they had fallen in love. She says he said to her he was born to love her, but what has happened to him now. She can’t find that love in his eyes. The one who was always with love. Milan tells her to shut up, he isn’t her Ranveer but RV, the one who believes in taking revenges. Ishaani says she can’t hate him, they have shared everything since childhood with her. She says she had heard that husbands change after marriage, but she thought he won’t change. He has changed, but she will keep on loving him. Her Ranveer is there. Milan says Ranveer has died, now he will only show the inhumane part of himself, she will hate him. Ishaani tells him not to challenge him, she will lose. She keeps a hand on his heart saying she will find her Ranveer.
Ranveer’s bandages are being unwrapped.
Milan asks if her dialogues have ended. She must go and prepare for his special guests. He says that she must not hate him, as he is her husband.
Ishaani feel on the floor and cries.
Ranveer’s bandages are removed. The nurse is shocked to see his heartbeat disrupting and goes calling the doctor. Ishaani gets a call, the doctor says to Ishaani that patient’s condition is worsening. Can she talk to him, may be his condition improves. Ishaani speaks to Ranveer on phone, can he hear her. She stops speaking at once remembering Ranveer lies in herself. They are related with hearts and minds. Ranveer breathed heavily. Ishaani says she doesn’t know why she is saying to him, but she remembered what Ranveer had said to her. He has given her courage. The doctor tells Ishaani that his condition is much better now. Ishaani says ok, and after the call says thankyou as he reminded her of her Ranveer. Now she will find Ranveer in her own self.
Chaitali complains Mitesh why he is stopping her from burning crackers. They are shocked and goes ask the maid for whom she is laying plates. The maid tells them that Ranveer’s friends are coming and Ishaani is cooking for them. Chaitali says they must be rich people, she goes to Milan and says she is really supporting of his stance on Manas and Parul’s wedding. She asks to meet his friends. Mitesh asks if he needs any help. Milan says Ishaani is cooking something, they must help her make brown bread and green tea as his friends do dieting, and the rest will drink Rum. He allows Chaitali to be a part of the party, but Mitesh says no, Chaitali will help him.
The guard stop some cheap men but they come in. Chaitali says that the don’t want to give any alms, and inquires the watchmen why they let them in. The watchman says they claim to be Ranveer’s friends. Milan goes to welcome the men, he introduces RV to Yousuf who was a butcher and another friend who is a mechanic at tyre shop. Chaitali and Mitesh go to bring green tea. Milan asks the men if they liked his house. They appreciate him saying he loved the boss’s daughter. Ishaani heads to go bring something for them to eat, Milan tells her to keep standing here until he tells her to leave. His friends mock Mota bapu asking if he really was fat. Ishaani dislikes this. The girl whom Milan had once gone to meet, comes dressed up.

PRECAP: Milan’s friend asks Ishaani to join him in a cheap dance. She was reluctant. Milan calls rudely.

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