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Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 14th October 2015 Written Update

Ranveer and Ishaani get the ritual done by Pandit ji afterwards. He tells them both to take blessings from elders. Amba says to Kailash that she is really worried, that girl blamed RV such bad. Kailash tells her not to worry because she wasn’t right.
Disha was trying to play with Krish who was crying. Parul was passing by, she runs to the room hearing him cry. She comes to the cradle and asks Disha to let her see what happened to him. Disha stops her and says she is her mother and a mother knows well what happened to her child. Krish was still crying. Parul insists that he doesn’t need toys, but Disha asks why he is getting disturbed. Manas observed. Parul leaves the room. Disha looks that he is having the jaw pain, she brings the medicines. But Parul brings Ajwain’s water saying sometimes children get gastric problem and laying them upside down relaxes this. Manas thinks had Parul not been there, Disha could never take care of Krish. Parul says to Disha that whatever problems are there between them must not disturb Krish. Parul and Manas share an eyelock, Disha is curt and calls Manas towards her.
Milan says Ishaani is really intelligent, but he must think about something else. Tomorrow is Ranveer’s wedding, he must plan something big. Sharman stood behind, Milan turns to find him and looks quizzically. Sharman hugs Milan, he apologizes him and says he suspected him. Milan says he thought him of Ranveer as one. Sharman asks Ranveer to come in. Milan thinks he will take him inside at any cost, but he has double role inside, he will get double trouble if he gets in. Sharman insists on him to go inside. Baa watches them get in, she stops them both. She asks where they are going. Sharman says Ranveer was wandering outside, so he is taking him to room. Baa says just a while ago, Pratik took him for partying. She asks Ranveer where his Moli (Raksha thread) is. Sharman says to baa that she knows he doesn’t remember much. Milan asks if that Raakhi. Ranveer says he kept it aside while drinking water. Baa asks if it was giving him any trouble. Milan says it was a bit tight. Baa asks what tension it was giving him. Sharman asks Baa not to scold him, he isn’t well already. Baa asks Sharman if she must scold him instead of Sharman. Sharman takes Ranveer inside. Baa is worried that with a wrong medicine he is even unable to walk right.
Raavan insists on Amba that they must atleast tell Ishaani, if not everyone, that there is a duplicate of Ranveer as well. They must tell him about Ranveer’s past and what had happened in Anjaar. Kailash tells Raavan to go, he doesn’t want his interference in their lives and house. Kailash says to Amba that they will think what to do after the wedding is over. Raavan thinks that Milan can go to any extent for his goals, he must tell Ishaani about the truth.

Baa will get a different saree to Krisha, she recognize it and displays it to Baa. He doesn’t examine it and states it is ok. Krisha complains. Baa offers a bundle of money to Dewarsh, but then presents it to Krisha indicating she must deal with it. Dewarsh complains to Baa that she doesn’t trust him any more but Ranveer. Baa sends Krisha driving Dewarsh so that he doesn’t develop any dilemma outdoors. Baa is fearful that just after Krisha’s miscarriage, Dewarsh has grown to be much more careless. Dewarsh comes out consuming, he says He’s of no use and those who are ineffective don’t do nearly anything.
Sharman asks Milan if He’s feeling perfectly. He asks Milan how he is speaking. Milan can make up that he noticed a Sanju Baba’s film. Milan asks Sharman to go as being the home is right here. Sharman suggests He’ll fall him into the home. They come inside, Milan tells Sharman to go making sure that he can rest. Milan is content to see the room, he suggests he wanted to go into your home and fate has received him to his home. He says now is his superior time and bad time for Ranveer.

PRECAP: Raavan relates to Ranveer’s space and watching the washroom mild he thinks it truly is Ishaani, he suggests he really wants to tell him about a replica of Ranveer. Milan appears with the washroom doorway. Raavan is shocked seeing him there.

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