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Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 11th November 2015 Written Update

Amba tells Ishaani that to give Ranveer life, they separated their son from their lives. She tells Ishaani that there was their family friends, they denied to adopt Ranveer as he remained ill so she sent Milan with them. In return, they helped in treatment of Ranveer. She cries badly.
Milan drank in his room, he cried that a mother never differentiate between her children, why they sent him away to save Ranveer.
Amba tells Ishaani that they sent Milan to a good place, those infertile parents will take care of him.
Milan was curt, throws the bottle and says they never asked how the people had kept him. They used to bring Milan to streets in Mumbai as beggars, they made him a servant. They taunted him that his parents kept Ranveer and sold him.
Amba and Kailash cry that they had promised them not to come their home, but then they came to Mumbai. But they got to know that they had gone somewhere and that their son died. They cry that Milan died. Amba says they didn’t let Ranveer know about it, he was only one year old when Milan went. Ishaani hugs Amba crying that they thought well about him only. They didn’t do anything wrong.
Milan gets up the bed, he says Maa, Baba and Ranveer will have to pay for all that he had suffered. He gets up to throw a photo of Ranveer, Ishaani holds his arm. Milan turns to be shocked at her stare. Ishaani comes to his front, takes the photo off his hand and says what is the used to pour his anger on this lifeless photo. He doesn’t need to pretend anymore, she knows why he brought those kids and created that drama. She says she suspected him first day and now everything is clear. She knows who he is. Milan looks away. Ishaani says she also knows what happened to him in his past. Milan wonders how she got to know he isn’t Ranveer but Milan. Ishaani comes to face him again, she says she got to know all the truth. She holds his hand and calls him Ranveer. Milan looks at her. Ishaani says Maa, Baba told her that he also has a brother Milan. Milan gets to the bed. Ishaani says that she knows that Maa, Baba didn’t tell anything to him, but now they fear he knows everything. Baba fears that Raavan kaka told him everything. She says she knows how he must have felt, he would have tried to find out how he looked. She says she knows him, he must be hurt that he had to leave because of him. That is why, he brought those orphans and even opened that orphanage. His biggests regret must be that Milan is no more in the world. She says this isn’t right that he blames himself for Milan. She says it was Milan’s fate that took him away from his home. Milan says she doesn’t know what Milan had to suffer, where he must have to life, the one who couldn’t sleep without his mother how he must have survived without her. Why nobody thought about Milan. Ishaani comes to Milan, she says she wishes she could bring him back to this home. He is his brother. Ishaani cries that she can’t do this, because he is no more. She hugs Milan, he wanted to hug her but prevents himself.
Parul watched the arrangments. Manas comes to talk to her. She says they will talk about it later. Manas says she had said that she would deny marrying him. Manas says he loves Disha. Parul says he loves Disha and Disha claims to love him, but what about her love for Krish. She says Krish isn’t getting the love he needs and deserves. Manas says Disha is learning. Parul says Disha doesn’t need any motherhood. Parul says she loves Krish and she will fight for her right. Manas says she must take care of Krish, why she is dragging him in between. Parul says that until Disha is his wife, she won’t her be close to Krish. Manas says she can’t marry him without his will.
Ranveer was worried that Milan must have done some drama, that is why he wanted to show him a video. Ranveer shouts and call the men, he tells them to call their boss as he needs to meet his family and Ishaani. The men say they can’t call boss, he calls himself. They tell him that their boss has sent sweet for him, they put it in his mouth thinking it seems their boss celebrated wedding night with his wife.
Amba cried, Milan comes to the room. Kailash was saying that their Milan won’t come back if they are crying. He thinks he feels good watching their tears. Milan comes inside and asks what happened, if they are missing Milan tonight.

PRECAP: Ranveer calls for help as the godowns get on fire.

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