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Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 11th December 2015 Written Update

Raaval comes and tells Ritika that he said what she asked him to, now she must release his wife and children. Ritika says she has come here to return them to him. She gets him passports and tickets, says that his family would reach airport too. He must leave the country forever but stay in contact with them. Raaval leaves.
Ritika thinks she must now see what Ishaani does in court. The court’s session begin. Shikhar tells the judge that their witness must be reaching. The prosecution lawyer says that they were saying this before lunch as well. Ranveer thinks that she must come. Amba cries. Ranveer says he trusts that Ishaani will come. Ishaani calls from behind that she is the witness. Ranveer is happy to see him. Shikhar says this is Ishaani Vaghela, an important witness of this case. They all looked hopefully at Ishaani. Ishaani takes the oath to tell the truth. Shikhar asks Ishaani what she had seen. Ishaani says she saw her brother Sharman’s murder. Shikhar asks who did that. Ishaani was silent at first, lost. She thinks about Ritika saying that she must give life against life. Ritika will save her husband’s life but for that Ishaani must give away her life. Ishaani points at Ranveer saying Ranveer Vaghela. Kailash and Amba stand in shock. Ishaani says Ranveer Vaghela murdered her brother Sharman. Shikhar says what she is saying, she had seen Milan. Ishaani was silent. The prosecution lawyer puts an objection, the judge asks Shikhar to ask questions only. Ishaani says she knows he is her husband but right now he is just a murderer who killed her brother Shikhar in front of her eyes. She wants him to be punished strictly. Ranveer loses control of himself and fell in the witness box standing. Shikhar tells the judge that there is something wrong happening, Ranveer Vaghela hasn’t killed Sharman. He asks for one more day to find any proof or witness, it is about the life of someone. The court gives them one day time. Ishaani steals her looks to have one teary glance at Ranveer. She leaves the court. Ranveer goes behind her but the police doesn’t let him out of the court. Ishaani runs out of the court, Ranveer comes behind her. She stops, turns around and watches the police take him inside. Amba cries. Ranveer asks Ishaani not to leave him, she promised him to get him out of here. Ishaani leaves without a word. Ranveer keeps on calling her. Police takes him in his mobile, he was struck with disbelief. Amba cries for him.
Ritika claps for Ishaani and says well done. She says now she is calm and says she also wants Ranveer to live but without his life. She asks Ishaani if she feels bad? It feels bad when heart breaks, she recalls how Ishaani broke her heart once.
Ranveer insists on the police that it is really important for him to meet Ishaani. The inspector says he has got time till only tomorrow. Ranveer keeps on calling Ishaani and the inspector. His partner in jail laugh at him saying he had told Ranveer about it. Ranveer is back. Ranveer fell on the floor crying, broken and shattered, thinking about Ishaani’s words.
Ishaani says she hates a man so much that she is destroying his life. Ritika says this isnt her revenge. It is his revenge. Ishaani asks whom? Where is he? Ritika says she has met him… he will too. The one who wants to take revenge from her and Ranveer. A man in a car moves away from the site. Ritika says she wants to meet him but he doesn’t want to. Ishaani says she wants to meet him right now. Ritika says beggars can’t be choosy, he won’t come to her front right now so Ishaani must do what Ritika is asking her to. She goes inside, Ishaani says she won’t do. Ishaani says now Ritika must do what she promised, she must send the doctor to Ranveer that will treat him, today. Ritika asks Ishaani to shout even more. She says to Ishaani she has to do one more thing for her, then she will take the doctor to Ranveer. Ishaani says she won’t do anything like that, else she will go to court and tell that she did it all because of Ritika. Ritika pleads Ishaani not to tell anyone about her. She laughs, and tells Ishaani to say what she wants to, the man she is with is so powerful that even law can’t any bad of her. She slaps Ishaani on the car and tells her not to tell anyone about her else Ranveer would never get the doctor and will die soon. She asks Ishaani if she is ready to do something for Ranveer now. She asks Ishaani if she told Ranveer how much she loves him. She says that they had talked about it before. She must go and prove her love for him now.

PRECAP: The man tells Ranveer he must not trust blindly. Ranveer was hopeful when he watches Ishaani arriving and gets happy.

Written Update By Sona


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