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Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 11th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Nurbhay was enraged and announces that this wedding won’t take place. Everyone asks why it won’t happen. He says he is saying so. He says that man isn’t Veer. Maa says it doesn’t matter, what matters is that he is the happiness of Naina. She can’t overlook her daughter’s like and dislike. Naina will marry him. Nurbhay joins hands, he says he doesn’t like this but this house is his, he takes the expenses of them all so only what he wants will happen in this house. Ishaani arrives at home. Maa stops Nurbhay, she says this is his house. She has always accepted his decisions, but she won’t let him take false decisions for her. Nurbhay says he can foresee problems for his sister’s life. Maa says he isn’t brother, but brother in law of Naina. He married Pooja, her sister. He can’t take right on her life’s decisions. Aarti is her sister, Vikram is her brother and she is her mother. She says he takes on their expenses, fulfils his duties as a son in law but he doesn’t has a blood relation with them, she herself will take the decisions of Naina’s wedding. Nurbhay says alright, they don’t consider him a family member.
Maa says he didn’t consider them as their owns. She says he didn’t tell them who that Ishaani is, why he brought and married her and then why he behaves so badly with her. She says Naina is her daughter, she will marry Veer only. She watches Ishaani at the door and asks what Veer said? Ishaani says Veer is ready meaning Ranveer said yes. Naina, Aarti, Vikram and Uttam are happy. Ishaani gives maa the platter of Shagun. Maa is also happy. Aarti hugs Naina. Maa also celebrates this with Naina. Nurbhay curtly watches Ishaani, goes to her, holds her hand and takes her in the room.
Amba says to Ranveer that she saw he said yes to marry Naina. She says a mother must be happy, saying yes to marry Naina means going near to Ishaani. He will have to go to Ishaani always. She doesn’t get he is doing it for his love and his hate. That Naina will suffer in this all. Ranveer says he will always keep Naina happy, her family says his presence gives happiness to Naina. He will fulfill all the responsibilities of a husband. He will go to Ishaani daily, to hurt her. She betrayed him for the happiness, he will let her pay for that. He tells Amba not to think much, just prepare for her son’s wedding. Amba leaves. Ranveer says Ishaani once said he taught her to love, now he will teach her to hate.
Ishaani asks Nurbhay to leave her hand, it hurts. Nurbhay says he has heard their love story, childhood marriage and all. How did Ranveer agree to marry his sister? Ishaani says Nurbhay had sent the proposal. Nurbhay says last night she was asking Ranveer from him and today, she got him ready to marry Naina. How is that possible? He says he won’t let her and Ranveer ruin his family. Ishaani says if Ranveer marries Naina, the last hope of Ishaani and Ranveer’s unity will also die.
Amba and Kailash get gift for Naina from Ranveer. It was a painting, Ranveer proposing Naina. Vikram says Ranveer hasn’t sent a gift but proposal for Naina. Nurbhay watched this from upstairs. Ishaani comes there and watches the painting as well. Vikram says he likes his personality. Ishaani serves the tea, Maa introduces Ishaani to Amba and Ranveer saying she is Nurbhay’s wife. Maa tells Ishaani that they are Ranveer’s parents. Nurbhay watches this all. Ishaani touches the feet of Kailash and Amba, who doesn’t bless her. Maa asks Ishaani to serve tea. Amba says she wants to tell them something, every person has a past. She wants to tell them about the past of Ranveer. Amba says there is something in his life about which he doesn’t want to hide from them, Ranveer was married once before.

PRECAP: Nurbhay asks Ishaani to get the date of marriage. He will marry his sister well. Ishaani hears Nurbhay saying that he has to marry his sister to someone he wants to destroy, Ranveer killed his wife Pooja. Nurbhay introduces Ishaani to Ranveer, Ranveer says he wants Ishaani to do the Tikka ritual tonight.

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