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Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 10th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi watch online

Ishaani runs out of the room saying she can’t live without him, she stops in the hall as Ranveer was coming inside from the main door. The come to each other. Ishaani cries and hugs him, caressing him. He hugs her tightly. Ishaani cries. Ishaani says she can’t stay without him, he must take her from here. She says whatever happened last night, they are both one now. Ranveer says he knew that she loves him, why she didn’t tell him before, why she came here and why was she silent. Ishaani says because of him, for him. his medicines are only with Nurbhay, he said he would only give them to him if she lives here. She says she isnt afraid anymore, she won’t be able to live without him and hugs him again. They watch Nurbhay standing at the staircase, and fires at Ranveer.
Ishaani had been day dreaming, she watches Ranveer coming. She hides herself behind a pole. Ranveer wonders where is Ishaani, he feels strange and wants to meet her once. Nurbhay comes and asks if he is looking for his wife, he is alert. Nurbhay says he means if Naina? He offers Ranveer to come to hunting with him and takes him.
Ishaani comes looking for Naina. The maid says she didn’t see Naina. Ishaani says she must talk to Naina, she must ask Naina not to tell anything to Nurbhay. Ritika meets Ishaani there and says Naina watched everything last night, she is broken and hurt. She has gone to tell Nurbhay the reality. If Nurbhay knows the truth, Ranveer’s life will be endangered. Ishaani goes to stop Nurbhay.
She comes at the forest sight, hears a fire. Nurbhay was saying to Naina that he killed him. Ishaani hysterically runs to them and asks why they shot Ranveer. Naina tells Ishaani that Ranveer is fine, nothing happened to him. Ranveer comes from behind, Ishaani was shocked and panics. Naina tells Nurbhay that Ishaani is in panic, he must take her home. She takes Ranveer aside. As they walk down the road, Naina says she spread the rumor of the bullet. She wanted to see whom Ishaani cares for, him or Nurbhay. She says Ishaani was taking Nurbhay’s name instead of Ranveer.
Ranveer drives Naina back silently. She notices him, and says if she had heard his name from Ishaani’s mouth she would have moved from between them. She says Ishaani has really moved on in her life, she just glance back her past life. Ranveer thinks he knows that he had seen Ishaani’s eyes, there wasn’t any love for Nurbhay but for him only. There, Naina thought she would make Ranveer hate Ishaani.
Nurbhay comes to the fire lit outside and recalling Ishaani’s concern for Ranveer throws a bag in it. Ishaani and Ranveer’s photo burn in it. Ishaani comes from behind with a tea for him. He gets on the chair curtly. Ishaani watches the photo burning, keeps the tea and picks up the ashes of that photo. She watches the ashe in her hand for a while, then mix it in the tea. Nurbhay watched her. She drinks the tea, Nurbhay was moved. She looks at him, leaves the cup on table and says he can take Ranveer away from her, but can’t take him from her. Until her love is there, he can’t separate them.

PRECAP: Ritika asks Naina to invite Ranveer for dinner, so that they can accomplish what was left last night. Ranveer comes home and apologizes for being late, he says he got late because of tyre puncture but a young man helped him. Naina is shocked when the young man came in.

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