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Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 1st February 2016 Written Episode Update

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi watch online

Aarti was worried and says now no one has any answer. Vikram says their chance of earning money is lost. Maa thinks that it doesn’t matter the idols have been stolen, they will still get the money. Nurbhay comes downstairs. Maa says to Nurbhay that they had promised charity amount but the idols have been stolen, she says she fears what if poor curse Naina? Nurbhay says he will keep her tongue, he asks Uttam to get his cheques book. He signs 1 crore cheques and hands it to her. He says he doesn’t want anything falls less in Naina’s life. He hands his cheques book back to Naina. Aarti, Vikram and Uttam hug Maa. Maa gives it to Uttam and says he knows how he has to put it in her account.
Ishaani comes to view the stealing videos. Nurbhay hurries towards the room. Ishaani finds the footage and spots Vikram going out to take a call. Ishaani had hidden behind the door as Nurbhay enters. He thinks that today’s recording isn’t there. Ishaani held the tape. She thinks she must call Pratik here. Nurbhay calls the guard and asks where the video is. Ishaani says she knows where the video is. Pratik had also arrived. They all turn to look at him. Ishaani says it is good he has also arrived here. Ishaani tells the guard that he can leave.
Ranveer asks Ritika what her involvement is in Ishaani and Nurbhay’s wedding. Ritika says she knew he will ask this from her and won’t believe in her. She says she is because of Ishaani, Ishaani brought her here. Ishaani found her and got her a job. Ishaani told her that she married Nurbhay, she needed money that Ranveer hadn’t. Ranveer says Ritika is lying, Ishaani can never trust Ritika. Ritika says that he had never thought Ishaani will leave him, if she can leave him why can’t she keep her with her. Ritika says money can change everything. Ritika says she can tell him something that is a secret between him and Ranveer, it is the biggest secret of his life that they never came close to each other. Ishaani told this to her. Ritika finds a way, pushes Ranveer away and gets in the car driving away. Ranveer shouts as liar behind her. He says her running away proves that she is lying, this proves that Ishaani is in trouble.
Nurbhay asks Ishaani where the video is. Ishaani shows the tape, she says that may be many people feel sad after watching this video as it has the face of the culprit. She goes to insert the tape, Vikram stops her at once. He asks her not to play the video. Nurbhay and Maa are shocked. Ishaani asks why, and why he is sweating. Vikram says there is a lot of tension at home. Ishaani says the tension will only be released when the video is played. And they will know who dared to steal at home, she says if it is someone from home this is necessary to be known that who did the theft. Vikram says she is trying to save her ex-husband’s relative. Ishaani asks Vikram to get the relative caught then, and let her play the video. She stares at Uttam, Uttam asks her to remove her eyes from him. He finally holds his hand that Nurbhay jerks away, he shouts at Uttam why he doesn’t let her play the video. He takes Vikram to the row as well, and asks what are they both up to. He asks Ishaani why she is doing this drama to save Pratik. Ishaani says she is just recalling him his promise, he must decide what he will do to the culprit and she will play the video by then. Vikram stops Ishaani, he tells her not to play the video, he knows who did the theft. Nurbhay asks who did it. He confesses that me and Uttam.

PRECAP: Ritika tells Naina that she knows about Ranveer, if she makes him drunk and spend a single night with him, he will spend his whole life with her in guilt.

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