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Mere Angne Mein 9th April 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Mohit driving and thinking of Preeti. A car hits him and Mohit meets with an accident. The lady says I will call hospital, you are injured. He takes Preeti’s name. she asks Preeti’s number to call her. A man brings clothes for Vyom. Nimmi steals the shoes and Sujeev asks her to return Vyom’s clothes. Nimmi refuses and bites his hand. Sujeev gets angry. Sarla says its rasam, what to do. Nimmi hides the shoes.

The lady calls Preeti and asks do you know RJ Mohit. Preeti says yes, what happened to him. the lady says he met with an accident, he is unconscious and taking your name, his state is bad come here. Preeti asks how to believe you that Mohit is not making you do this call. The lady says I don’t have time to wait here, come here or you can find him in city hospital, if you don’t believe, I will send his pic. The lady sends Mohit’s pic. Nimmi and Preeti see it. Preeti says I have to meet Mohit for humanity sake. Sujeev asks Vyom to change the clothes. Shivam asks Vyom to come and takes him to the changing room. Preeti says I have to go, else I will feel guilty. Nimmi says its time for jaimala, you can’t go. Mohit sends video message apologizing to Preeti. She cries and recalls him. She says I will go and meet him.

Nimmi asks how can you take risk for Mohit. Preeti says he did mistake and apologized too. I can’t see him dying like this, he is taking my name, I loved him too. Nimmi says puja started, what are you saying, see yourself in bridal dress, how will you go there like this. Preeti says I loved him, he is my love, he is dying there, let me go, if anything happens to him, I can’t forgive myself. Nimmi says you have gone mad, I can’t wear your clothes. Preeti says I have to go, I want to see Mohit for the last time, hurry up. They cry.

Vyom changes clothes and comes. Nimmi calls Riya and asks about jaimala. Riya asks pandit about it and tells Nimmi that it will take nearly an hour. Nimmi says fine. Riya thinks why is Nimmi asking this, I have to go and see. Preeti says I have to reach Mohit soon, we will change clothes. Riya collides with Shanti and says I will just go and meet Preeti. Shanti thinks why is Riya going to meet Preeti. Sujeev calls Shanti to ask about stage. Shanti asks him to tell Shivam. He says you are eldest, you are managing everything. Shanti argues with Sujeev. Nimmi says you have gone mad, I can’t do this. Preeti asks Nimmi do you love me or not, do you want me to be happy or not, and makes her emotional. Bindu asks Riya to ask her for food. Riya asks Nandu to give food to Bindu. Riya rushes to see Preeti.

Nimmi gets ready in bridal clothes. She says I don’t know what they are doing.

Riya comes there and gets shocked seeing them. She asks whats all this. Nimmi says Preeti is going to meet Mohit. Riya asks did they go mad. Preeti says Mohit met with an accident, I will not stop today. Riya asks her how can she go, this is not the time to go. Preeti says I won’t stop, I have to go. Riya says fine, I will come with you. Shanti calls out Riya. Riya asks Preeti to wait till she comes back, and I will handle Shanti. Preeti asks her to come soon. Riya goes. Preeti says I can’t wait more, I m going Nimmi. She leaves. Riya gets busy with guests. Riya goes to Nimmi and asks why did she not stop Preeti, she did not come to me. She asks Nimmi to sit here as bride and not go anywhere. She goes out. Nimmi cries.

Pandit asks sister in law to make groom eat sweets. Sharmili asks is there no ritual to make Samdhi ji eat sweets. Raghav looks at Kaushalya. Sarla asks Kaushalya not to worry, Sonal will do ritual, she will get nek as well. Pari says I will do this nek, and feeds sweet to Vyom angrily. She takes nek from Raghav and says I will do nek for Preeti too. Sharmili says I will come along. Kaushalya tells Shanti that Preeti is crying, manage it. Shanti says I will stop Sharmili.

Shanti says Sharmili about today’s bahus. Sharmili says yes I know well. Riya sees them and thinks Nimmi can get caught.

Sharmili says I want to see my bahu’s face, I will lift ghunghat. Nimmi gets tensed and closes eyes.

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