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Mere Angne Mein 8th July 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Shanti crying on the three’s daughters’ lives getting ruined. She says the brothers will get burdened by managing their sister’s expenses now. Nimmi cries and asks Preeti to see her fate. She says you used to say I hate good fate. A neighbor lady comes and taunts on the girls, their inlaws and situation. The lady tells how Sujeev and Vyom fought, Vyom died and Sujeev went to mental asylum, Sharmili was bankrupt and left the house, no one is there now, these girls ruined that house. Pari says it’s a lie, we were rich people. Shanti sends that lady out. Pari blames Nimmi for all this. Nimmi says Pari and Vyom had an affair, this is the truth. Everyone get shocked.

Sarla asks Pari to be quiet, don’t taunt Nimmi now, her husband died, she is in sorrow. She thinks its good time to talk to Sharmili and leave Pari back there. Riya tells Shivam that we will go and find what happened. Shivam agrees. Sarla thinks if Riya goes there, I can’t do anything. She stops Riya. Shanti asks Sarla to meet Sharmili and ask her to take both Pari and Nimmi back home. Sarla leaves with Pari.

Nimmi cries and hugs Shanti. Kaushalya consoles Nimmi. Riya asks Nimmi to have milk. Nimmi throws the glass. Shanti asks Nimmi why is she crying now, why did you not save him, my fate is bad, both you and Preeti are here. Preeti and Nimmi get shocked. Shanti asks Nimmi to go and do work. She asks Riya not to stare and cook food. She says we have to keep Nimmi here, you will stay here, don’t worry, stop crying, you can’t stay here without working, my head is aching by your cry, come with me, massage my head. Riya asks where to make Nimmi’s stay arrangements. Shanti says in my room, Preeti is still here and till then Nimmi can’t get her room, I don’t have money to build extra room. Preeti thinks no one cares for me here. Nimmi goes and massages Shanti’s head. Kaushalya cries. Riya consoles her. Shanti asks Kaushalya not to cry and do work. She asks Nimmi to massage well. Nimmi talks like before. Shanti cries and holds Nimmi’s hand.

Rani argues with Pari. Pari asks her to serve food fast. Pari comments on the food and says I can’t eat this. Amit asks her to eat whats given to her, adjust here silently, do arrangements for your stay anywhere else. Sarla slaps Amit and asks why are you treating Pari like this. Amit says I don’t have money. Ashok scolds Amit. Sarla asks Amit and everyone to have food. Pari says I can’t eat simple food. Pari asks Sarla to vacate her bed. Rani says I m sleeping on that bed now, Pari can sleep there if she wants. Pari refuses. Sarla asks Pari to adjust with Rani. Pari says fine, but I want AC in my room, I lost my habit to stay here. Sarla kicks out Pari out of the home and asks her to sleep in open air, we poor people can’t keep you. Pari says I was joking, I was just saying. Pari sits back to have food and wishes she has run away with Vyom before itself.

Shivam cries and is worried for Nimmi’s future. Riya consoles him and says I will talk to Dadi. Its morning, Shivam finds Nimmi sad. Nimmi cries. Kaushalya asks Nimmi not to comb air for few days, don’t do any makeup….. Nimmi hugs her and cries. Shanti looks on and cries……. She shows she is strong and sits on the swing. Shanti asks Preeti to get to work. She asks Nimmi to drag some bad and does not let Kaushalya and Riya help Nimmi. Riya thinks I will talk to Shanti and not let this happen with Nimmi.

Shivam says I will talk to Dadi, you don’t get into this Riya. Riya goes to Shanti and asks can’t we send Nimmi for any job.

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