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Mere Angne Mein 7th September 2015 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Riya leaving. Shivam gets sad and tells Kaushalya that he does not wish to come inside the home, and would meet his friends. Raghav gets a call and tells Kaushalya that he has to go for express train duty now. He asks about Shivam. She says he went out. He says explain Shivam that he is married now and has to be responsible, this late night outing is not good. Bansi and Pappu follow Anupam and Bua. Shivam comes there and follows Riya. Bua gets annoyed with biker following them. Riya folds hands and asks Shivam to go. He smiles and leaves ahead.

Bansi tells Pappu that they have got to steal revenue and keep some share. Amit sees the goons outside the house your home and is nervous. Sarla claims We are going to go residence again. He claims he has headache. Rani says she’s going to therapeutic massage his head. Sarla calls her shameless and asks her to get away from Amit. Amit gets the man’s connect with and says he will prepare revenue before long, He’ll occur just after puja ends. He will get tensed and functions like speaking with Pal. Bansi and Pappu stop Bua and Riya, declaring They are really Madam X’ Gentlemen, and want five lakhs hard cash they’ve got.

Bua commences crying. They ask did she go mad. Bua states you both equally will die, Madam X made this intend to destroy you both. They check with why and asks her not to fool them. Bua states take the box and see is there money or toxic snake. They get afraid. Bua and Riya provoke them. Bua usually takes her stick and hides.

Sarla calls Bansi. Shanti claims where by Sarla heading and goes to her. Bansi and Pappu fight and don’t solution the decision. Sarla prays this time she gets The cash. Bua beats Bansi and Pappu together with her wood stick. She asks them to state who is Madam X. Anupam isn’t going to see Bua and Riya coming guiding and goes back to discover them. Bansi and Pappu operate. Anupam will come there and asks what transpired. Bua states goons have arrive at loot 5 lakhs. They leave for property.

Pari and Vyom are on just how. He asks her never to be angry on him, he loves her quite a bit. She claims you assure me that you’ll make me meet Your loved ones before long. He says I did not speak to everyone. She asks what, you proposed me, I m viewing relationship goals, you modified and cries. He claims my elder brother is not married, you have to hold out, I really have to choose brother’s permission, he will take all decisions in our household. He will get his brother’s get in touch with and says He’s coming soon, he came to fulfill pals. He tells Pari that he has got to go now and will fall her to rickshaw stand. She cries and claims you might have transformed. He asks her to understand, he has to go. She cries. He claims high-quality, I’ll say justification in your house, don’t cry now.

Amit gets goons’ simply call and problems. Nimmi and Preeti joke on Shanti. Raghav will get Prepared and Kaushalya claims she’ll serve food else give him tiffin. He asks her to hurry up. Raghav talks to Shanti. He asks Amit to drop him to railway station, as Shivam just isn’t in the home. Amit claims great, I’ll drop you and receives tensed viewing the goons outside the house. Raghav says I can get my bag. Sarla suggests she desires to go dwelling. Amit states I’m able to’t go. He asks Rani to be away from him. Sarla functions impolite to Rani.

Suman serves food items to her partner. She asks him to check out Bunty watching for Riya. He claims Bunty is Riya’s childhood Buddy. Suman states I don’t like Bunty coming here, Bua ji is troubling me. He asks her to try and do what she finds appropriate. She says Bua ji is stopping her for almost everything and complains. Sahil hears them and asks Suman not to produce troubles. Riya asks Bua why did dad hide about 5 lakhs, I m feeling undesirable that he did this for me. Sarla argues with Shanti for favoring Raghav. She states Raghav is just terrific like his dad and asks Sarla to kill her, she can’t bear far more. Raghav arrives there and gets stunned observing the knofe in Sarla’s hand.

Sarla jokes and goes. Raghav asks Kaushalya to take care of Shanti. He suggests Shivam didn’t arrive till now, what when there is some crisis. Raghav phone calls Shivam, and Riya will get the decision. Sarla thinks did Bansi do her get the job done or not. Riya will take the call. Raghav scolds Shivam and asks him to come back household promptly, Riya will feel lousy, start keeping in your own home, I will conquer you if Riya receives unhappy. Riya smiles. Raghav states say a thing. Riya claims I m Riya. Raghav says what did I do, and asks how did Riya have cellular phone. He claims he scolded Riya by blunder and asks Kaushalya to talk. Shanti laughs.

He asks about Amit. Sarla says he has headache and resting. He says I’ll depart now. Riya tells Kaushalya that Shivam gave her telephone to me. Kaushalya claims excellent, did you reach. Riya says no, we have been on the way in which. Riya tells Bua that Shivam didn’t reach home, how will I talk to him as he does not have mobile phone. Bua teases her and laughs. Amit wears Shanti saree and tries leaving. Rani appears for him. Amit receives down the balcony. Amit sees Raghav exterior and receives tensed.

The men see Amit and make enjoyable of him. A boy tries taking online video fo Amit and talks to The person. Sarla suggests I will go now. Shanti taunts Kaushalya and argues along with her. Shanti asks Sarla to drop her to her home. Sarla suggests I’ve backache. Shanti gets unhappy and cries. She receives angry and unwell. Kaushalya calls out Nimmi. Nimmi and Preeti just take her. Sarla states she might help and will take Shanti. Amit operates within the Males. He hides and They give the impression of being for him. Amit runs about the cycle. The Adult men will get indignant viewing him working off and go away.

The doctor checks Shanti and asks her to not take tension. They all think what had shocked Shanti. Nimmi says I think Shanti is shocked after losing 5 lakhs.

Shanti and Sarla have a talk. Shanti says she has kept some money for Sarla.

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